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Analyst predicts “Nintendo could sell 4 million units in china by March”



Rumor: Nintendo will release a new model of switch

Nintendo launched its powerful game console in china on December 10. It has been confirmed by the Chinese officials that more than 50,000 nintendo switch were sold on its launch day. According to London-based tech equity researcher Pelham Smithers’s prediction Nintendo could sell as many as four million Switch units in China in the fiscal year ending March and 12 million units of software.

As we all know, There are many game consoles already in china like Xbox, PS4, PC etc. Smartphones are also the great source of playing games.

Lets have a look what an analyst writes on its note

“While the history of the game console in China is not a happy one, lack of success is not necessarily down to lack of interest on the part of the consumer,” Smithers wrote in the report. “After all: if China’s consumers didn’t play console video games, the authorities wouldn’t have bothered banning them in the first place.”

China could contribute between 11.6 billion yen and 23.1 billion yen to Nintendo’s operating profit this year and 27.8 billion to 55.6 billion yen in the next.


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