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Animal Crossing: New Horizons + an empty toilet paper roll = magic



Animal Crossing: New Horizons + an empty toilet paper roll = magic

Forget your terraforming Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, try to build one entirely on an empty toilet paper roll. YouTube artist ClayClaim (aka Simon) did just that by building a 360 ° polymer clay model on one of the many cardboard rolls. Watch the video below.

The attention to detail here is astounding, not to mention the dexterity required to form such small houses. ClayClaim’s island has seven buildings, including the Dodo Airlines terminal, complete with dock, floatplane, and six houses (there is no Nook’s Cranny or Resident Services building). He also makes a lot of evergreen, fruit, and coconut palms to spread around this loo roll island, some beautiful flowers, and even the island’s elevated levels and waterfalls.

ClayClaims claims not to have played much of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but his clay land has to pave everywhere and it makes me very jealous (I haven’t gotten access to this yet and my island decor suffers). During the video, he mentions that choosing which aspects of the island was the most difficult part of the production, and there are probably no villagers on this island either. That’s probably the right move because we’d all be fighting over who should and shouldn’t be there (if I saw that smug jerk Beardo around here I’d instinctively crush him).

Since we all have toilet paper and other supplies in stock, it’s cool to see the empty reels being used creatively – it’s even cooler if it’s for an Animal Crossing island. This could be my quarantine, but I live on that clay land.

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