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Animal Crossing player uses Pascal for marriage proposal with a tragic history



Animal Crossing player uses Pascal for marriage proposal with a tragic history

The wedding season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t start until next month, but one player insisted on proposing to his girlfriend now. He used the lively Pascal to ask his loved one the question of all questions because Pascalr helped them both through the most difficult time of their lives.

Pascal as a messenger of love

What happened? On Reddit, the user shared his story with the community. He bought his girlfriend the Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons in December because she had been through a serious illness and had not been allowed to leave the house for 6 months. The game helped her to stop feeling lonely and to stay mentally healthy.

The couple developed a daily ritual: The friend showed him the daily saying from Pascal or sent him the sayings on his cell phone. This shows up when you find a scallop while diving and teaches you a clever saying.

Planned marriage proposal: To make his girlfriend a big surprise, the user planned a marriage proposal, in which the eloquent Pascal should of course not be missing. He printed a line from Johannes on photo paper and gave her the picture after a family outing:

“Do you know what would make me the happiest Pascal in the world, maaaaan? If you said yes!”

pascal helps girlfriend and boyfriend

The community wished the Animal Crossing fan the best of luck with their endeavors. The user found out his girlfriend’s answer to the marriage proposal the next day.

Marriage proposal with a happy ending

How did the marriage proposal end? Of course, the friend couldn’t say no to such a sweet proposal! On Reddit, the user proudly posts the picture of his girlfriend, who of course has already put on her engagement ring:


pascal made them marriage

Everything is new in May

Also in May, new fish, marine animals, and insects await you in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The May Celebration event ends today, and you can only experience a new festival on May 18th. The International Museum Day 2021 attracts a stamp hunt, which this time also leads through the art gallery.

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