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Here’s How To Get Beneviento’s Treasure In Resident Evil 8 Village



Get the Beneviento Treasure Chalice of Berengar in Resident Evil 8 Village

The Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure is definitely one of the hardest treasures to collect in Resident Evil Village. Not only do you need to find a missing part of Claudia Beneviento’s tombstone, but you will also face an angry giant and several undead. On top of that, Beneviento’s treasure can only be found within a certain timeframe, so there’s a good chance of missing it. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you get your treasure (and a lot of Lei):

How to Get Beneviento’s Treasure in Resident Evil Village

  • First, you must find the Broken Slab key item, located in a crypt at the graveyard in the Village. You can only reach it after returning from House Beneviento (3rd Village Visit)! The crypt is locked otherwise. The crypt also locks later in the story again so be sure to get it during your 3rd village visit.
  • Backtrack to the grave at House Beneviento. Be warned, a miniboss will spawn here and he can take a lot of damage, so come prepared with sufficient ammunition. Once he’s defeated, place the Broken Slab on the grave. Now the grave opens and reveals Beneviento’s Treasure.

The reward: Beneviento’s treasure

When the giant and all the smaller enemies are dead you can, finally, get your reward! All you need to do now, is place the broken slab on the grave. The upper part of the tomb will be move and reveal Berengario’s Chalice. This treasure will fetch 18,000 Lei at the Duke’s shop. Don’t forget to pick up the loot dropped by the enemies you killed as well – the Giant Crystal Axe from the giant in particular is worth a decent amount of cash.

And that’s how you get the Beneviento treasure!

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