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Lock Combination at the Master’s House in Resident Evil 8 Village



Lock Combination at the Master's House in Resident Evil 8 Village

The key necessary to open the padlock in the house of the master of Resident Evil 8 Village allows us to get the magazine for a large capacity rifle and the Hraesvelgr steel sculpture.

The Resident Evil 8 Village master’s house is marked with a violin on the door and will only be accessible after we get the luthier’s key. Although it is not necessary for us to visit it to advance the story, it hides some objects that will be very valuable to Ethan Winters.

Once we return to the village equipped with the key, we enter the master’s house (be careful because new creatures will have appeared on our way) and we find a new lock. What is the combination of the lock on the violin house?

As in other puzzles in Resident Evil 8 Village, the solution is in the same house. There is a note that tells us the importance of a date for the teacher. That date is precisely the combination that will open the lock for us. To find the combination, simply explore the next room.

The combination is written in a drawing on the wall. In case you don’t want to look for it, the number that opens the padlock is 270917, the date that appears in the drawing. The objects that we get in the teacher’s house are very interesting. These are the large capacity rifle magazine, and the steel Hraesvelgr sculpture, which we can sell in the Duke’s shop.

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