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How to get all the trophies and achievements of Resident Evil 8 Village



How to get all the trophies and achievements of Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 8 Village Trophy Guide on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. We help you overcome all the challenges so you don’t miss out on the platinum trophy.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably found almost everything you can find in Resident Evil 8 Village thanks to our comprehensive guide. But you can’t say you have 100% if you haven’t gotten all the trophies and achievements. Some are very demanding and force you to leave your skin to unlock it. Luckily, we will help you get them all.

All trophies and achievements from Resident Evil 8 Village

So that you can achieve the long-awaited platinum without repeating games in excess, we have optimized this section to help you draw a roadmap in order to get all the trophies and achievements. Not only will you find accurate information about everyone; also the best tips and tricks to streamline the process and cover as much as possible in each game. Here’s everything you need to know about Resident Evil 8 Village trophies.

Trophies impossible to lose

They are those related to history. It doesn’t matter how you play, because you will get them automatically as you progress. Here are all the ones you unlock while completing the game.

  • Siege – For surviving the wave of Lycans on the way to the village.
  • Four Hierarchs – For getting rid of the skewer machine in the village (1st visit) .
  • Bit Sour – For defeating Lady Dimitrescu .
  • Broken Bonds – For defeating Angie.
  • Fresh Fish – For defeating Moreau.
  • The fort is yours – For defeating Urias.
  • Temporary measures – For placing the Giant’s Chalice in the Forum of Ceremonies.
  • Scrap – For defeating Heisenberg.
  • The Root of Evil – For finding the Megamicete in the end zone.

Difficulty related trophies

  • Good Father – For completing the game on the easy difficulty level.
  • Exemplary Father – For completing the game on the normal difficulty level.
  • Father of the Year – For completing the game on the Hardcore difficulty level.
  • Father of Parents – For completing the game on the Shadow Village difficulty level.

Trophies related to beating the game with special requirements

  • Father in a rush – For completing the game in less than 3 hours.
  • Frugal Father – For completing the game spending less than 10,000 Lei.
  • Knife – For completing the game using only contact weapons.
  • Snake Oil – For completing the game using less than 4 medications.

Combat-related trophies

  • That’s all? – For defeating Urias in the first encounter in the village.
  • Social distancing – For pushing an enemy after blocking.
  • Good sight – For killing an enemy using the scope of the F2 Rifle.
  • Strategist – For killing three enemies with a single attack. You can easily do it with the grenade launcher in the fort siege.
  • Churrasco – For setting fire to a Moraica. You get it while finding one of the combinable treasures.
  • Good Reflexes – For deflecting an enemy arrow using a contact weapon. In any area with crossbow shooting enemies, pull out the knife and try to hit the arrow.
  • The leader has fallen – For killing the Alpha Varcolac. You find it in the orchards of the village during the third visit.

Miscellaneous Trophies

  • Photographer – For using photo mode once. You can access it from the pause menu.
  • Cartographer – For completing the map of the village. You will get it out with total certainty while you get 100%.
  • Patron – For buying any item from the Duke.
  • Craftsman – For buying all the diagrams from the Duke.
  • Petty Thief – For picking a lock with a pick.
  • Crafts – For creating an object.
  • Handyman – For creating all the objects.
  • Art Collector – For purchasing and viewing all designs in the Extras Store.
  • Doll Collection – For buying and seeing all the figures in the extras shop.
  • Repairs – For creating the final form of a combinable treasure.
  • Factory Defect – For shooting a Soldat on the assembly line. In the step-by-step tour of the factory, we tell you how and when to do it.
  • From weapons to take – For equipping an upgraded weapon.
  • Even the teeth are – For equipping all weapons with all accessories.
  • Go o ol – For moving the ball from Rose’s room to Ethan’s study. More information in the prologue section.
  • Crow Shot – For killing five crows. There are many in the game world and they drop treasure or money.
  • Hunting – For hunting an animal. You will hunt them all while looking for the ingredients to create all the recipes.
  • Lucky 7 – Forgetting the exact figure of 7,777, 77,7777 or 777,777 Lei. It is a cumbersome trophy to get because you need to have the Lei counter at zero and sell for such figures. The tactic is to acquire the WCX Rifle and manufacture ammunition for it. Specifically, you need to create 111 bullets and sell them for 777 Lei.

Trophies related to collectibles

  • When in a rush – Open all the toilets in the village.
  • Roll the Ball – Complete a maze.
  • Vandalism – Break all the windows in Dimitrescu Castle.
  • What an irony – Destroy a protective goat.
  • Curse – Destroy all protective goats.
  • Bookworm – Read all documents.

Mercenaries Mode Related Trophies

  • This is a non-stop – For getting a 30 combo.
  • Surreal – For achieving S rank at all levels.

Resident Evil 8 Village Trophy Guide

  • Difficulty: 4/10 if you take advantage of the game extras to make things easier and follow our guide. 9/10 in case you decide to try it by normal methods.
  • Estimated duration: 25-30 hours.
  • Online trophies: no.
  • Lost trophies: no, since you will have to play several games and the collectibles are accumulative. Also, there are some that you can get using save points.
  • Does the difficulty affect? Yes, because it is necessary to complete the game in the hardest mode.
  • Does the use of tricks influence? You don’t need to worry, because there are no cheats as such and the extras are compatible with trophies.
  • Minimum of games: between two and five, depending on the level of difficulty, the extras you play with, and the collectibles you collect along the way.

1st step: the easy game with collectibles and miscellaneous trophies

This first game will take you about 15 hours of play, but it will help you get the maximum possible and not have to repeat several laps later. If you continue to combine the different pieces of our guide with the list of trophies, you will have cleared 75% of the way to platinum.

2nd step: Mercenaries mode and get infinite ammunition.

It will take you about two hours of playtime, as you need to achieve SS rank on all Mercenary levels to unlock the LZ Answerer lightsaber. This is an important step if you later want to avoid having to play multiple games in a row. In addition, to get the sword you will unlock the two trophies related to Mercenaries. Also, don’t forget to unlock the infinite ammo in the extras shop. Applying it to Chris Redfield’s Dragoon Rifle is more than enough since it is also very easy to unlock.

3rd step: special game on easy difficulty

This game will be very special and as much as we try to estimate its duration, it will not take more than three hours. The reason is that there is a trophy for beating the game at that figure. What we are going to do here is propose the following: you are going to join this trophy with those not using more than four medications, complete the game without firing firearms (that’s why we told you to get the LZ Answerer), and not spend more than 10,000 Lei.

The idea is that you kill two – more like four – birds with one stone. And although it seems crazy, it is quite feasible to do so. First, because of the easy difficulty the enemies hardly do any damage and fall easily. Second because with the LZ Answerer you will play running and destroying any threat briefly. And third because if you take advantage of our step-by-step tour, you will know at all times where to go, what object to take or which is the correct path; you won’t waste a second. We advise you to pause the game, read the next step and do it at the speed of light (time does not run while you stop the game). Trust us: you are going to make it.

Step 4: a game on Shadow Village difficulty

The bad news is that it is an extremely difficult mode. The good news is that at this point you just have to move forward without worrying about objects and treasures. In addition, with the extras you have accumulated (LZ Answerer, weapons with infinite ammunition …) you will have a lot of help to overcome the last challenge.

Trophy cleaning

Have you missed any to get? Nothing happens! If you forgot a collectible or miscellaneous trophy, all you have to do is create an easy game and take advantage of the extras to reach any area or find the missing item in the blink of an eye. Do you already have the platinum or the 1000G? Then we can do no more to help you. Congratulations!

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