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Where are all the windows in Dimitrescu’s Castle in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations



Where are all the windows in Dimitrescu's Castle in Resident Evil 8 Village - locations

We give you the location of all the breakable windows in Resident Evil 8 Village, so you can get one of the collectibles from the adventure and also get the bronze “hooligan” trophy.

One of the many collectibles that we can collect throughout our game to Resident Evil 8 Village is the windows, specifically up to 19 windows that we will be able to break in Dimitrescu’s castle and that are all accessible at the end of the game.

In total, we have 19 windows distributed throughout the castle, those that we can break, either hand in hand or with some kind of weapon. If we manage to destroy the 19 windows of the Castle we will get the bronze trophy called “hooligan”.

Once you have found the four masks you will have access to the entire castle, and therefore you can find the 19 breakable windows directly.

Where are all the windows in Dimitrescu’s Castle in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations

We will tell you exactly where you can find all these breakable windows, and now that you know the whole castle it will be very easy for you to locate them once you know which room they are in.

  • You can break the first two windows in the dining room that is on the lower floor.
  • Another window can be broken in the kitchen where you fought the witch.
  • We have two break windows in Dimitrescu’s rooms, at the end of the patio. To do this you must go through those silver metal doors, and the two windows are the ones on the staircase that leads upstairs that led to the statue puzzle.
  • We also have three windows in the Dimitrescu room area, just after the previous ones, specifically in the second-floor corridor, before the room with the statues puzzle.
  • Three more windows in Dimitrescu’s living area, still on the second floor, exactly where the phone was. There are two windows in that room, and then we have a third one at the end of the outside balcony.
  • Three more windows in the opera room that you can access through the patio door. You can shoot these three windows on the staircase from the first to the second floor.
  • Another three other windows in the opera room, but on the second floor, there are two windows on the south side and one on the north side.
  • We have a breakable window in the joy room, on the second floor, just down the hall after fighting the library witch.
  • The last window we are missing is in the workshop, right in the room where you have previously required to fire five bells. In this case, you must break the roof window.

So remember, once you have access to the entire castle, you can dedicate yourself to destroying the missing windows, although most of them are fairly easy to locate.

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