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What happens when you complete Resident Evil 8 Village?



What happens when you complete Resident Evil 8 Village?

Overcoming the history of Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox is nothing more than the door to new content. We tell you everything that awaits you.

Resident Evil 8 Village is one of the installments of the saga that offers more extras to players capable of finishing their story. After the credits there is still a lot to see, so put your controller to load and get ready for everything to come. Meanwhile, in this section of our complete guide, we tell you everything you unlock after completing the game for the first time.

All extras after completing the game

  • There’s a special scene right after the credits, so when you kill Mother Miranda don’t be in a rush to skip them. Get comfortable and enjoy.
  • The extras shop and challenges are enabled, a place where you can acquire different objects, among which the possibility of playing with infinite ammunition stands out, which is activated in the options menu once you have acquired it.
  • You can play New Game Plus mode and access new weapons and accessories in Duke’s shop. In this mode, you keep weapons, upgrades, money, and resources ( key story items are lost ). In this second game, you can choose the level of difficulty you prefer.
  • In the New Game Plus, the collectibles obtained are kept as they are permanent. This means that if you found a protective goat in the village, from now on it will not appear again.
  • The difficulty level Village of Shadows is unlocked (unless you have it from the beginning thanks to the Deluxe Edition of the title). It is very complicated and full of dangerous modes, so do not hesitate to consult our tips to overcome the challenge.
  • The intense Mercenaries Mode is unlocked, a classic of the saga that offers you the possibility of fighting without limit with the intention of obtaining juicy rewards. In addition, this installment introduces new mechanics.
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