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All the recipes and ingredients of Resident Evil 8 Village and where they are; fish, bird, beast …



All the recipes and ingredients of Resident Evil 8 Village and where they are; fish, bird, beast ...

We tell you what are all the recipes of Resident Evil 8 Village and where are all its ingredients; fish, chicken, bird, beast, and much more.

In addition to upgrading your weapons, Resident Evil 8 Village also allows you to develop your character’s abilities through recipes prepared by the Duke in his shop. Of course, for him to get down to business it is essential that you go hunting and get him the best food. In this section of our complete guide, we tell you how to find all the recipes and ingredients.

All recipes from Resident Evil 8 Village

All recipes are unlocked simultaneously, although for that to happen you need to progress through the story. Specifically, until completing the Dimitrescu Castle and returning back to the village. From that point on, the Duke will open a new section in his store where you can find kitchen dishes. Next, the complete letter with all the recipes and their benefits.

Bird and beast pilaf

  • Benefits: reduced damage is taken when blocking attacks
  • Ingredients: chicken (4) and the beast (1)

Fish with herbs

  • Benefits: Increased a little permanent health
  • Ingredients: chicken (2) and fish (3)

Three Flavor Mittie

  • Benefits: moderate permanent health increase
  • Ingredients: chicken (2), beast (3), and fish (4)

Tochitura de Pui

  • Benefits: increased permanent health increase
  • Ingredients: chicken (4), juicy bird (1), and beast (2)

Plague sarmale

  • Benefits: permanent speed increase
  • Ingredients: first-class fish (1) and first-class fish (6)

Ciorba of POC

  • Benefit: High damage reduction when blocking
  • Ingredients: beast (5), quality meat (1) and fish (1)

All the ingredients of Resident Evil 8 Village

That the recipes are unlocked without doing anything special is fine, but it turns out that the Duke does not have the necessary ingredients to prepare his delicious dishes. Of course, you will have to look for them yourself, so we are going to help you: below, all the ingredients and where to find them.


There are several running around various areas of the village. In the area where you find the crank for wells, in the last shortcut that you unlock after completing the fort … You will come across a dozen of them while completing the story.

Quality bird

You get it from the bluebird that appears on a tree branch in the cemetery in the main square on the second visit to the village. There is only one in the entire game.


This is another common animal that you will see several times as you progress through the main story. Basically, you just have to take a look at any pond (at the entrance to Dimitrescu Castle, south of the river that you navigate by boat after lowering the bridge using the crank …).

Quality fish

Once you have the crank and lower the bridge located to the west of the Duke in the village, you can navigate south of the river until you reach a pond where you will find this unique fish. There is only one in the entire game.


It is the name given to meat from both pigs and goats. In the village, there are some pigs that even roam inside some hut. There are also a couple of them in the mill that gives access to the dam. For their part, the goats appear in the village during the third visit. Also, in Otto’s Mill, you can find stored beast meat when you go for the Cannibal Plunder Treasure.

Quality beast

It is another unique animal; There is only one in the game and it appears in the orchards. Specifically, behind the house in which at the beginning of the game we saw a scene with a woman and her father during the first visit to the village.

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