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Where are all the maze puzzle balls in Resident Evil 8 Village



Where are all the maze puzzle balls in Resident Evil 8 Village

We give you the location of all the iron balls so that you can solve the relevant toy mazes.

Something we love about Resident Evil 8 Village is the enormous number of puzzles that we must overcome and that is combined with moments of exploration and action, making the adventure tremendously varied and adapted to all types of players.

One of the puzzles that we are going to find is that of the iron balls that we must place on some mazes, and then move the camera to direct the ball to its destination, something that will give us certain rewards.

So we tell you where all the maze balls are and how to solve each one of them so that you can overcome one of the funniest puzzles in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Floral Sword Ball Maze

It is located in the Dimitrescu Castle. Once you get to the opera, go to the upper level and enter the northwest corner room. Open the box and take the ball. Now head to the Duke’s shop, and there you can use the ball in the maze.

Sun and Moon Ball Maze

You find it in the Beneviento mansion. Once you get to the new area of ​​the garden, go to the right side of the garden and the ball will be inside a small box on top of a grave.

We have the machine hidden in one of the houses you passed on your way to the mansion. From the typewriter save point go to the other side of the main road, up the path, and into the house.

Mermaid Ball Maze

You will have it available once you reach the Moreau area by using the crank, unlocking the door of the first windmill, and then going to the altar. Once you have collected the ball from the altar, take it to the relevant game machine in a room next to the windmill.

Iron Horse Ball Maze

You locate it in the Heisenberg factory, already at the end of the game. To do this, you must first get the mold of the balls in the area where there is a cart that is blocking access. Then you must go to the forge to insert this mold into the machine to create the iron horse ball.

The machine for you to use is on the lowest level of the factory, in one of the rooms.

With that, you already know where all the iron balls are so that you can overcome the puzzle of the mazes in Resident Evil 8 Village.

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