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LZ Answerer (lightsaber) in Resident Evil 8 Village: how to get it and change color



LZ Answerer (lightsaber) in Resident Evil 8 Village: how to get it and change color

We tell you how to get the LZ Answerer lightsaber in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Change the color of your sheet and let the party begin.

Of all the weapons that you can wield in Resident Evil 8 Village, the most spectacular of all is the LZ Answerer, a lightsaber that could perfectly appear in any Star Wars movie. With its help, it is really easy to complete the challenge of overcoming the story using only melee weapons, so in this section of our complete guide, we help you unlock it.

How to get the LZ Answerer in Resident Evil 8 Village

There are two things you must do in order to get hold of it. The first thing is to get the SS rank at all levels of the Mercenary Mode, something that you should not worry about; It is true that it is not turkey mucus, but it is more affordable than in other installments of the saga. Check out our tips and strategies and you will have no problem achieving it. The second is to have 70,000 XP to buy the LZ Answerer Lightsaber from the Extras Shop(you can also buy Zia Sabers in real life). Once these steps are completed, you can obtain it from the Duke the first time you see him just before entering Dimitrescu Castle.

What is special about this sword? Without a doubt, the way your blade works, which varies its conditions depending on its color. You can toggle between red, green, and blue in the same way you change the projectile type of the GM79 grenade launcher: by holding down the L2 (PS5, PS4) or LT (Xbox) trigger and pressing the X (PS5, PS4) or A button. (Xbox). Here is the effect of the LZ Answerer according to the color of your laser.

  • Red: Deals massive damage when attacking and is practically capable of wiping all normal enemies off the map with a single slash.
  • Green: The damage done is less, but in exchange, you drain the health of the enemy you hit and allow you to heal yourself.
  • Blue: This is a defensive ability, as it reduces the damage taken while blocking to practically zero

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