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Where are all the toilets in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations



Where are all the toilets in Resident Evil 8 Village - locations

We tell you where all the toilets are in Resident Evil 8 Village, with the exact location of each of them so you don’t lose their corresponding trophy.

There are quite a few collectibles that we can find throughout the adventure of Resident Evil 8 Village, among which the goats, the windows but also the toilets stand out, and the last ones can be found up to 10 times.

The toilets are quite easy to see due to their size and are scattered around areas such as the village, although some, in particular, are in the shade so it is likely that you can miss them, especially if there are many nearby enemies.

We have already found all the toilets in Resident Evil 8 Village, and we offer you the location of each of them so that you can get its corresponding trophy.

Where are all the toilets in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations

There are as many toilets, but only those that can be opened are valid.

  • When you first arrive in town, head through the door of the house in front of you, but exit from the right side of that same house. Now you will be in the yard, and there you should find the first toilet of the whole game.
  • At Luiza’s house, You must enter through the back door of the cornfield. The idea is that you go up through the window and then through the left wall to get to this house. You find the toilet in the right corner in front of this house.
  • As soon as you have killed Dimitrescu and go out into a snowy area, you must go to the first cabin. Well, behind this same cabin that has that storage point, you find the toilet.
  • It is located in the backyard of the house that you are just to the right of Maiden of War’s map.
  • To reach this toilet you have to move a shelf, and when you exit, you will find an enemy in front of a green toilet.
  • After you have used the handle of the tractor and you have faced a new enemy, you will find in that same area a latrine in front of a door with iron insignia.
  • From the previous one, don’t go through that badge door yet, but turn around until you locate a door with a note saying its owners are absent. You must destroy the yellow padlock on that door to enter the courtyard and find the toilet.
  • From the wheel of the well, you must climb the yellow ladder, and then jump into a courtyard where there are several chickens and also a toilet.
  • In the garden, but on the way back, go uphill to the gardener’s house, and to the left of this house, you find the toilet.
  • In the Moreau area, after exiting the building that has its gate controls, you must turn right to find the toilet.

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