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How to defeat Heisenberg in Resident Evil 8 Village



How to defeat Heisenberg in Resident Evil 8 Village

We help you kill Heisenberg in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. Survive the final boss of the factory with the best tips.

After taking down Moreau, the next target is Karl Heisenberg, one of the most charismatic villains in the game. Unlike others of his companions, his plans seem more ambitious than the simple desire to kill Ethan Winters. But their motivations matter little; If you have explored his factory, it is because you are willing to kill him. In this section of our guide, we help you emerge victorious from the battle.

How to beat Heisenberg step by step

This is different combat than others you have seen so far since you fight aboard a kind of military vehicle. Once you are at their controls, you can take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the controls before destroying the elevator door that leads to the start of the battle. The movement is free – although somewhat slow – and you should consider the following movements.

  • With L1 (PS5, PS4) and LB (Xbox), you can block physical attacks.
  • With L2 (PS5, PS4) and LT (Xbox), you shoot the heavy truck.
  • With R2 (PS5, PS4) and RT (Xbox), you fire the machine gun.

You could say that you are facing a machine vs machine duel, so do not hesitate to use all your artillery without wasting a single second. Of course, keep in mind that the heavy barrel needs to be reloaded for approximately 20 seconds after being fired, so do not abuse it. In any case, in the first phase of the fight we can only give you one piece of advice: shoot like there is no tomorrow and block when you see Heisenberg come after you.

As soon as you do enough damage, you will see several red light bulbs appear on its body, identical to those that you have destroyed by the dozens during your trip to the length and breadth of the factory. At this point, the idea is to shoot it with the heavy barrel, as the radius of the impact will make it easier for the bulbs to be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

You will see that enormous mechanical arm sprouts from its body, which will immediately catch you with its clamp. Do not be scared, because it is a practically automated process; shoot without hesitation and in a couple of seconds you will be back on the ground, although you will have lost the vehicle and will go on to fight on foot. Luckily, this phase of the fight is just about using your most powerful weapons while keeping your distance.

Heisenberg has very low health, so as soon as you do a little damage to him, you will enter the final stretch of combat. The beast – more of a machine – will unleash a junk tornado and engulf you inside it, but luck will cause you to end up hooked on your beloved war vehicle, which coincidentally is also floating in the middle of the storm. And not only that; you will be directly at the controls of its controls, ready to aim the heavy barrel at its head. Pull the trigger and it’s all over.

You have finished with the fourth and last lieutenant, so you now have a clear path to complete the game, although for this you will have to overcome the final section in search of Mother Miranda’s lair. In the following link, you will learn how to kill her very easily. And not only that: when you do, you will be able to access extras such as infinite ammunition and Mercenaries Mode, among others.

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