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How to defeat Fish Monster (Moreau) in Resident Evil 8 Village



Resident Evil Village: Salvatore Moreau Boss Guide

Take out Moreau in Resident Evil 8 Village on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. We help you win the intense fight with the best tips and strategies.

After finishing with Angie and after an intense journey with the water up to the neck – and Moreau trying to eat you – through the dam, it is time to fight him face to face. His real body is much larger than it appeared at the time you met him in the mines, and his attitude is much more aggressive. The head of the dam is demanding, so in this section of our guide, we help you with the best strategy to defeat him.

How to beat Moreau step by step

The battle takes place in an area that seems larger than it actually is. Without going any further, the initial phase of the combat takes place in a small section of the stage. Due to the monster’s enormous size, you must be quick to deal damage to it. Our advice is to make a good supply of shotgun shells, as it is not a good idea to aim your rifle from such a close range.

The first bars of the fight does not have much history; just shoot him in the mouth from close range, but far enough away to be able to move back quickly when Moreau prepares to launch one of his attacks. When his health is reduced a little, he will jump and stand in the top zone. At this point it will cause acid rain, so you must stop attacking and run towards one of the roofs to get to safety.

As soon as the storm ceases, you will see that behind you has appeared one of those slimy green walls that you must destroy to advance to the next area. At that moment, Moreau will descend back to ground level and the final phase of the battle will begin. The mechanics are practically identical to the previous one, but this time your attacks will be more powerful. If you keep a couple of meters away and continue shooting with the shotgun, you should have no problem finishing him off.

No more fighting sea beasts. However, the mechanical monsters still have a say. Your next objective is Heisenberg, the final boss of the factory.

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