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Resident Evil 8 Village: Where is Angie, the doll of Beneviento and how to defeat her



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We give you all the steps so you can defeat the elusive doll Angie from Donna Beneviento, and worst of all, you will not have even weapons.

One of the great confrontations that we are going to have in our journey in Resident Evil 8 Village is with Donna Beneviento, specifically with her diabolical doll, who is going to try to make life impossible for us, and when we reach a starting point, the confrontation is inevitable.

One of the four great bosses that we have to face in Resident Evil 8 Village is against Donna Beneviento with her devilish doll Angie, and although Beneviento is always in the shadows stalking us, it is really the confrontation against the doll that is going to us. make things very difficult.

It is a very particular confrontation because we will first have to locate the doll that will be hiding and then stab it, and before you fall into successive traps of other diabolical dolls that will appear, it is better that you follow our guide.

Resident Evil 8 Village: Where is Angie, the doll of Beneviento, and how to defeat her

Once you have arrived at Beneviento’s house, you will have to solve different puzzles related to a mannequin of the protagonist’s wife. After that, comes the culminating moment of this area.

When you have completed the previous puzzle and therefore have restored the energy in the basement of Beneviento’s house, you can take the elevator to return to the first floor, and this is where the combat will take place.

In each of the combat phases, you will have to find the doll and stab her, and you will not have any weapon, so you will have to be very careful where you go through and what doors you open.

As soon as you find the doll, it will float out of the room and we will have to follow it through the door directly in front of you. As soon as you pass it, turn left and go up the stairs. Once upstairs, follow the hallway to the second door and enter the room.

It is the room marked on the map as the guest room and you will see the doll on the floor. As soon as you get close, you will stab her.

In the second stage of this combat, you must leave this room and go back down the stairs. Pass by the portrait of Beneviento and his doll, turn right and return to the main room until you locate a table full of dolls.

In this room the doll can appear in various places in it, although in general, it appears more often behind the shelf or next to the sofa. Come closer again, and stab her again.

In the last phase, you will have to go to the elevator where you left the basement a few minutes ago, and you will meet her there.

As soon as the scene passes, you will finally finish with this doll and also with Beneviento since his corpse will appear right there next to it.

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