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How To Get And Combine Silver Ring And Azure Eye In Resident Evil Village



Resident Evil Village Azure Eye and Silver Ring are both treasure items that you can find in the game and sell them for often much-needed Lei. You find them separately and can sell them separately, too. However, there’s a catch – if you have them both, you can unlock a different item, as well as a trophy/achievement. So, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Resident Evil 8 Silver Ring and Azure Eye, as well as what to do with them once you have them both.

Where to get the Silver Ring

The Silver Ring Resident Evil Village location is in the Hall of Pleasure, aka the place where you find the Mask of Pleasure. You can read all about it in our Mask of Pleasure Resident Evil Village guide. Long story short, you first need to get Dimitrescu’s Key from the Dimitrescu Chamber, then go back into the Main Hall. Run up the long staircase, head down the corridor on the right, then through the white-face door on the left. Unlock the door with the gold insignia on it, and you’re in the Hall of Pleasure. Inspect the chest of drawers to the right of the fireplace, and there’s the ring.

Silver ring in Resident Evil village

Once you have both the Resident Evil Village Silver Ring and Azure Eye, go into the menu and combine them. This will unlock the Repairer trophy/achievement, and grant you a truly creepy item. No matter how you turn the ring, the eye will always be staring at you. The only thing left to do now is finding the Duke’s Emporium and sell the newly-minted Azure Eye Ring for 12,000 Lei.

Where to get the Azure Eye

Requiring a bit more work, the Azure Eye is hidden in the basement within the Special Chambers. This room is located near the Chamber of Solace, and you’ve most likely run past it at this point in the game. The Special Chambers is locked, only to be open with the Iron Insignia Key that is naturally obtained by playing the story.

Within the Special Chambers, note the broken wall in the left corner of the room. Throw a Pipe Bomb at the broken wall to reveal a burning brazier. Light the two unlit braziers by knocking the one into the burning brazier, rinse and repeat. We suggest using Ethan’s body to bump the brazier into the fire as opposed to wasting ammo shooting them. If the body trick doesn’t work, go ahead and shoot the unlit brazier once or twice. Puzzle completed, open the coffin to retrieve the Azure Eye.

How to combine the Silver Ring and Azure Eye

Open your Inventory and scroll to your Treasure Items. Click on the Azure Eye (or Silver Ring) and choose Combine. A new menu will appear that will allow you to combine both items. Press OK to confirm. If you’ve never combined two items before, you will be awarded the Repairer Trophy.

With the now-combined Azure Ring, go ahead and take it to the Duke, who will pay a pretty penny for the item.

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