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RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Busts of Despair Puzzle



RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Busts of Despair Puzzle

Rose Winters will use her magic to get back into the memories of Village and she’ll come into Castle Dimitrescu to find the Purifying Crystal. She’ll encounter different horrors of the Castle and monsters as well as solve the puzzles in the Castle. One of the main puzzles that she’ll have to solve is Busts of Despair in which she has to push several statues in the correct pattern to unlock the door.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Busts of Despair Puzzle in the Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose.

Solving Busts of Despair Puzzle

As you are finding the three masks to get out of the Castle, you’ll have to visit different areas of the Castle. After finding the Bronze Mask, you’ll make your way to the Hall of Ablution which is on the Second Floor of the Castle. When you enter the Room, you’ll see a giant door on the floor which leads to the basement of the Castle but it would be closed. You need to open the door by pushing the four statues that are inside the room in the correct pattern.

All four statues are different and each one of them is in every corner of the room so it might be confusing and hard to figure out to which statue you push first but worry not we have already figured that out and we’ll tell you exactly in which order you have to push the Statues.

The right order to push the statues is to push the Hanged Bust Statue then Sword Bust Statue then Drowned Bust Statue, and in the last Arrow Bust Statue. If you having a hard time figuring out the statutes then you can do it the easy way as well. From the entrance of the door, push the statue in your right corner then push the statue in the top left corner then push the statue in the left corner of the room and at last, push the statue in the top right corner of the room.

After pushing the statues in the correct pattern, the door in the middle of the room will unlock and you’ll be able to go down to the basement to discover more horrors of Castle Dimitrescu.

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