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RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Predation Gallery Puzzle



RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Predation Gallery Puzzle

As Rose is looking for the masks, she’ll need to find different keys and items to help her find the masks and in order to get the keys, she’ll have to solve several puzzles in the Castle. One of the major puzzles in the Castle is the Predation Gallery Puzzle in which you have to find the missing painting and then place the paintings in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Predation Gallery Puzzle.

Finding the Missing Painting

If you have gone to the first room on the second floor of the Castle then you would have seen 6 different paintings hanging but one of the paintings is missing. You need to find that painting and then set them in order to unlock the grill in front to get the key.

The missing Painting that you are looking for is the snake painting that can be found in the Guest Room right next to the Hall of Ablution where you solved the Busts of Despair Puzzle. Go to the Guest Room and when you push the door, you’ll unlock the door and the painting will be right in front of you. Pick up the painting and make your way to the Gallery.

Solving the Predation Gallery Puzzle

Go to the Second Floor of the main hall of the Castle and go into the first door in the front to reach the Gallery. You’ll see different paintings hanging and you need to take all of them except the 1st painting on the right side which will be a Wolf Painting.

After picking up all the paintings, you need to place them in the right order. The paintings that you want to put on the right side are of the Predators and the paintings that you want to put on the left side are of the prey. If you check the hint on the plaque, it’ll also say that “The predators stand united each staring down their prey”. So put the painting in the following order to complete the puzzle.

  • Sheep in front of the Wolf
  • Mouse in front of the Snake
  • Butterfly in front of the Spider

After placing the paintings in the right position, the grill in front will open and you’ll be able to get the Triocular Key from the box that’ll be used to get the Gold Mask.

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