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Trick to farm enemies and get CP quickly in Resident Evil Village



Trick to farm enemies and get CP quickly in Resident Evil Village

To get a lot of CP in Resident Evil Village and to be able to buy weapons, costumes, and other extras, you will need to complete challenges in the main mode, and in The Mercenaries … we show you how to do it.

On May 7, Resident Evil Village went on sale on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC, the long-awaited eighth installment of the Capcom saga. Surely you had a ” scary ” time with Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, but we can’t forget the lycanthropes and other niceties that await in the adventure either.

In case you finished the game for the first time, you will have achieved a good sum of CP (points) , and you will have also unlocked the game store. Resident Evil Village lets you purchase weapons (like the LZ lightsaber), costumes, and other extras, in addition to The Mercenaries multiplayer mode.

But, of course, for this, you will need many CPs. And, to get them, you will have to prove your worth in the main mode of Resident Evil Village, and also in the mode The Mercenaries. You will find various weapon challenges and optional tasks to quickly farm points.

Do you want to get a lot of points in RE Village? Then pay attention and find out what the trick is to farm enemies and get CP quickly in Resident Evil Village.

Trick to farm enemies and get CP quickly in Resident Evil Village

The best way to score High Points (CP) in Capcom’s game is to complete Story Challenges and Weapon Challenges. Showing off your trigger skills in the face of the horrors of RE Village will earn you a good sum of CP to spend in the shop.

Weapon Challenges are special tasks for each weapon in the game, which can be cumulative or unique special objectives. Sometimes it will be about precision (shooting enemies heads x number of times, for example). To do this, the most important thing is to have the best version of each RE Village weapon unlocked, and the infinite ammunition also helps, of course.

This infinite ammo cheat or the LZ lightsaber are extras that you can only get in the Resident Evil Village store. To be able to buy them you will need a good amount of CP, and farming these requires completing the weapon challenges: the pistol, the shotgun, the rifle, the magnum pistol …

The best thing to do to face the challenges of Village of Shadows is to get hold of the Wolfsbane Magnum or the STAKE Magnum, two good weapons from the Capcom game. We are going to detail a good example of how to farm enemies and quickly get points.

Start NG + on Casual difficulty, and progress through the level until you complete the survival phase in the barn. Right after, there is a save point that triggers an invasion of ferocious lycanthropes. Next, you have to shoot down the lycanthropes from the rooftops, run through the building, and go down the underground tunnel.

When you are in the House on the Hill, keep taking down the enemies and using the elevated structures to your advantage. The key is to kill as many werewolves, moving quickly and without wasting bullets (unless you have infinite ammo). There will be another save point after the giant lycanthrope appears.

At that point, he reset the checkpoint before getting caught by the lycanthrope. What you will see next can change based on the time you have spent, the number of kills you have achieved, and more. Ideally, it should have taken you between 1 minute and a half and 2 minutes, but try not to get caught by the werewolves and move quickly.

If you have followed our advice, you can accumulate up to 12 kills for each time trial phase, restarting the checkpoint immediately afterward. It takes about 20 minutes to complete each weapon challenge, but don’t forget about the kill challenges or the main game mode either. You will have to arm yourself with patience, but it is a highly recommended trick.

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