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RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Dolls Puzzle



RE Village: Shadows of Rose: How to Solve Dolls Puzzle

Once you’ve made your way to the Dollhouse, you’ll have to solve a number of puzzles in order to progress through the story of Rose Winters. One of the puzzles, you have to solve is to find all the Dolls and place them in a specific order to get a required key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Dolls Puzzle in Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose.

Dolls Puzzle

After solving the Mr. Monkey Puzzle, you’ll get to solve the next puzzle of the dollhouse which requires four specific dolls and they need to be placed on the specific spots of dolls on the table of the Workshop. The objective here is to find all four dolls to complete the puzzle.

Finding Dolls

1st Doll (Lucy)

The first doll that you’ll find is in the Workshop and in order to find it, go to the left side of the table and you’ll find the first doll named Lucy on the small table in front. Pick up the doll to store in your inventory.

2nd Doll (Catherine)

Make your way out of the Workshop and go into the hallway outside of the Workshop and turn to the right. You’ll come up on Mother’s Door which is missing a piece of statue. You need to place the Relief of a Child piece on the door to unlock the door. Once you’ve opened the door, go inside it and you’ll find the second doll named Catherine on the table. Pick it up to store it in your inventory.

3rd Doll (Mime)

For the third doll, you need to get inside Jimmy’s Room for which you need the Red Key. The Red Key can be gotten by solving a small puzzle with the two dolls that you’ve found. Make your way to the Workshop and go inside the left room. There’ll be a small play on the middle table with two spots for the dolls you’ve collected. One of the spots has the name Catherine and the other one has the name Lucy on it. Place the 1st doll on the Lucy Spot and place the 2nd Doll on the Catherine Spot.

After placing the dolls, the drawer will open from which you’ll get the red key. Make sure to pick up both of the dolls again to solve the main puzzle. Now make your way to Jimmy’s Room which is on the right side of the Workshop. Follow the tunnel and use Rose’s power to remove the mold and go down the well. You’ll find the third doll in the well.

4th Doll

For the 4th doll, you need to solve another puzzle with dolls. Go to Mother’s Room that you unlocked with the Relief of a Child statue and when you get to the table, you’ll see another play of dolls. You need to place the dolls in the following spots.

  • Place Lucy on the Fishing Pole
  • Place Mime Doll on the Gift
  • Place Catherine on the right side where she is pointing toward the Mime doll

Placing all of the dolls in the right spots, the drawer will open in which you’ll find the fourth doll.

Solving the Dolls Puzzle

With all four dolls collected, go back to the Workshop. You’ll need to place all four dolls in the right position to solve the puzzle which will reveal the Key for the Breaker. You need to place the dolls in the following spots.

  • Place Lucy on the plate labeled Lucy
  • Place Catherine on the plate above Lucy
  • Place Mime on the plate with Woods
  • Place the last doll on the last plate

After placing all the dolls in the correct spots, the middle doll will catch on fire and will reveal the key for the Breaker.

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