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How to always win at Quasar and get money easily in Mass Effect



How to always win at Quasar and get money easily in Mass Effect

The stakes are not good in real life, but Mass Effect Legendary Edition disagrees with its fun minigame with which you can win a lot of money. We teach you how to do it.

Last Friday, May 14, Mass Effect Legendary Edition went on sale, the long-awaited remastering of the Mass Effect trilogy for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We know that you will be giving a lot to Shepard’s galactic adventures, so we have something to tell you to help you out.

Although Legendary Edition includes the three original games in the series, you can only win easy money on the first Mass Effect. Surely you remember the casinos scattered around various areas of the Citadel, specifically Flux and Silver Coast Casino, and without a doubt, it is a method by which you can win a lot of money in the Bioware RPG.

Gambling is not good at all in real life, but in Mass Effect, it is a great opportunity to farm money. It is Quasar, a betting minigame whose operation is somewhat complex, but if you follow our advice, you will always (or almost always) win in this galactic lottery.

Remember that this betting minigame is only available in the first Mass Effect of Legendary Edition, so take note and write down these combinations. Find out how to always beat Quasar and get money easily in Mass Effect.

How to always win at Quasar and get money easily in Mass Effect

As we have already told you, Quasar is a betting minigame that you can play in the first game of the compilation. For this, you will have to go to Flux or Silver Coast Casino in the Citadel, and you should know that its operation is something similar to blackjack, for example.

You have 3 attempts, and in each of them, you will have to try to get as close as possible to number 20. If you exceed this figure, you lose all the accumulated money. There are two types of machines: Low Stakes and High Stakes, and in the latter, you will get a greater number of prizes.

Thanks to the efforts of Mass Effect fans, a surefire method has been discovered to always beat Quasar. This method is based on combinations that are valid for any number, and you will have to follow them strictly if you want to achieve your goal. It is simpler than it seems at first.

  • Number: 01 Best option: [4-7] / Number: 11 Best option: [1-8]
  • Number: 02 Best option: [4-7] / Number: 12 Best option: [1-8]
  • Number: 03 Best option: [1-8] / Number: 13 Best option: [4-7]
  • Number: 04 Best option: [1-8] / Number: 14 Best option: [4-7]
  • Number: 05 Best option: [1-8] / Number: 15 Best option: [4-7]
  • Number: 06 Best option: [4-7] / Number: 16 Best option: [1-8]
  • Number: 07 Best option: [4-7] / Number: 17 Best option: [STAY]
  • Number: 08 Best option: [4-7] / Number: 18 Best option: [STAY]
  • Number: 09 Best option: [1-8] / Number: 19 Best option: [STAY]
  • Number: 10 Best option: [1-8] / Number: 20 Best option: [STAY]

We explain: when you see a number on the monitor, you have to follow the best option to get to 20 without going overboard. For example, if you add 8, you must select the interval from 4 to 7, while if you get 18, the best option is to pass.

If you follow this combination of numbers, you will earn 20% more money than you invest. It is not a 100% foolproof method, but we guarantee that you will always earn more money than you use on these Quasar machines. Of course, try not to get addicted to these Mass Effect slot machines.

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