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Where are all the goats in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations



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We tell you where all the goats are in Resident Evil 8 Village, so you can get the bronze “heretic” trophy.

In addition to breaking windows, finding files, making recipes, or obtaining all kinds of weapon parts, other collectibles are goats.

In total, we have 20 goats scattered around the village, the castle, and surroundings, and surely you will want to find them to complete the game 100%.

If you manage to kill all the goats you will get the bronze trophy called “heretic”, and we will be as clear as possible about their situation so that when you are in that area you will go for them.

Where are all the goats in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations

We give you the situation of each of the goats, one by one:

Resident Evil Village All Goats of Warding Locations Guide

  • You find a goat in the village, on the lower floor, in the cemetery area, and in the same place where you found the file.
  • You have the next one in the town, in the church, specifically on the roof of this church.
  • The next goat is also found in the village but on the fallow plot. If you are not very clear just from the church, locate some cornfields. Behind the cornfields, in the left area, there are some stairs, and at the end of it if you are careful you will see the collectible.
  • We have it in the vineyard area. After you escape you will reach this vineyard that is snowy and with several scarecrows. Well, look to the right side in the snow to locate it.
  • Behind Dimitrescu Castle in the basement. As soon as you overcome the puzzle of the statue you can go down to the basement, and you will suddenly find this goat after descending the stairs.
  • Dimitrescu’s castle, specifically in the attic. As soon as you shoot the five bells and pass by Dimitrescu’s portrait you must climb the ladder to the attic. When you get to the top of the ladder, you have him behind you.
  • In the village, in the area of ​​the road when you meet the first enemies after the fight with Dimitrescu. From there go down the wooden stairs in the left area until you reach the drawbridge and you have this goat under the stairs.
  • In the village, in the courtyard specifically, at the top of the wooden cabin that is between the house of the disappeared and the shed.
  • We are still in town, but now we are going to the cemetery. You must go northeast of the churchyard, turn right and you will find the collectible between the crypt building and the wall.
  • At the suspension bridge in the village, from this bridge look left to locate another of the bridges, and the goat will be right there.
  • In Beneviento’s house in the outer zone. Follow the front porch to the left, then go down the stairs until you come to an area that is closed off and you are going to locate the goat out there.
  • The first windmill. Go through the upper exterior deck of the mill where the crank is used and you will find the goat at the end before entering the interior.
  • In the area of ​​the three colored switches, in the same place where you were avoiding Moreau. Well look back where you came from, then look left and you will see the goat on top of a pole sticking out of the water itself.
  • We return to the town, and here you must return to where you got into the boat before. Now you can walk through the broken windmill, turn left and locate the goat.
  • We continue in the village, at Otto’s mill. Go through the door to the northwest of the village that required a key. Now locate a yellow good luck sign. From there go left, and just below this mill, there is a small sanctuary with the goat.
  • Inside the fortress, on the lower floor after meeting the enemy. Here you will reach a spiral staircase that takes you down. Well, at the bottom of this ladder, if you look to the right, you will find the goat.
  • At the factory, on the second lower floor inside the ventilation shaft. As soon as you shoot the fan that tries to suck you, you will fall to your feet, turn around, go towards a ramp that has yellow digging shovels, and you will find the goat.
  • We are still in the factory. Enter the elevator where the merchant is and take him from floor B1 to B3. You should look in the direction where the elevator door opens. During this elevator ride, you can see the goat briefly on a red railing, so you have to be quick to shoot it.
  • We are still in the factory, on the lower floor, in the same room where you must crouch, to the right of a file.
  • Well, in the next room you will find this goat located in a corner.
  • After the fight against Heisenberg and after the scene where Chris throws the explosive, there are a series of spikes in a dark corner, because you have the goat hidden there.

As you can see, there are some goats that are much more difficult to find, so you must be fast with your best weapon so as not to miss the opportunity.

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