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Where are all the weapon parts and upgrades in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations



Where are all the weapon parts and upgrades in Resident Evil 8 Village - locations

We tell you where all the weapon parts are in Resident Evil 8 Village so you can modify them and make them much more powerful.

Surely you are going to want to get all the Resident Evil 8 Village collectibles, not only the most obvious ones like goats, but also other more particular ones, and that are great for the game, like those pieces of weapons.

In total, we find 22 customizable pieces of weapons that we are going to help you find, and some you can lose, so it is highly recommended to follow this guide.

You can get the trophy called “veteran gunsmith” that is obtained by equipping each weapon with its customizable parts.

Where are all the weapon parts and upgrades in Resident Evil 8 Village – locations

  • You have the LEMI recoil compensator in Dimitrescu’s castle, in the kitchen. Specifically, locate a metal box in the hallway after the kitchen.
  • When you have the keys to Luthier’s house that you found in the garden, you must return to the house of the missing owners. Well, find a closed closet in the room and you must open it with the code 09-27-17
  • After you open the hatch to lower the water and follow mutated Moreau, you will find this weapon part for the M1911 in a silver carrying case.
  • In a silver box, when you have the crank in your inventory and lower the bridge. Get in the boat, turn around and follow the river until you find a cave with a laptop and the box.
  • In the Heisenberg factory, in the operating room, as soon as you take Heisenberg’s key it goes through the door to the left of the foundry machine. Now you can access through the door that was previously closed due to lack of power that says “operating room”. As soon as the enemy crosses the wall, you will locate behind him a briefcase with the corresponding piece.

All these pieces of weapons must be purchased from the Duque merchant after having passed the game to you, and already within the new “new game plus” mode. You will require more than 1 million coins to buy all of them:

  • The weapon part for LEMI has a cost 9000
  • Improved grip for the M1911 costs 12,000
  • Long barrel for the V61 has a cost of 56,000
  • Another modification for the V61 costs 70,000
  • A new cylinder head for the V61 costs 35,000
  • The modified trigger for the M1897 has a cost of 8000
  • Modification for the W870 weapon costs 22,000
  • A new gun for the SYG-12 costs 64,000
  • Modification for the SYG-12 has a cost of 42,000
  • Modification for the SY-12 has a cost of 88,000
  • Added to the WCX weapon has a cost of 140,000
  • Added to the WCX weapon has a cost of 80,000
  • Increased range for the F2 rifle costs 15,000
  • Another add-on for the F2 rifle has a cost 20,000
  • An M1981 weapon upgrade costs 100,000
  • Added to the Stake has a cost of 180,000
  • Another upgrade to the Stake has a cost of 120,000

As you can see, only a few weapon parts can be obtained in the first round of Resident Evil 8 Village, and the rest is all post-game.

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