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Resident Evil 8: how to open the graveyard gate



Resident Evil 8 Village offers us the possibility to explore the village and its surroundings. There are many gates locked with keys and levers, but there is a gate in the graveyard that will be locked for most of the game. It only opens during a very specific moment, and here we will tell you when and what you will get.

How to open the closed gate of the Cemetery

We refer to the small crypt on the left side of the Cemetery path, before the door that leads to Dimitrescu Castle.

How to open the closed gate of the Cemetery

If you get closer, you will see that there is an object inside, but you cannot reach it. Don’t worry, there is no key, lever, or button to open it. His gate will always be closed, except when you return from Casa de Beneviento . Before advancing to the Dam, go to the cemetery and a couple of zombies will come out, in addition to opening the gate.

Inside you will find the Broken Slab, which is necessary to get the Beneviento Treasure: Berengar’s Chalice. You must bear in mind that the gate does not open before or after the point we mentioned. If you progress through the story, the gate will be closed until you complete that part of the story again in another game.

With the slab in your possession, go to this point, near the House of Beneviento, where the treasure marker takes you.

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