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Animal Crossing: Unlock Redd & Why He’s Not Coming



Animal Crossing: Unlock Redd & Why He's Not Coming

Thanks to update 1.2.0, not only does the day of nature start in Animal Crossing New Horizons but also an old friend is coming back: The (cunning) fox Redd.

Who is Redd? This is an art dealer who sells you both real paintings and fakes. Thanks to Redd, your museum in New Horizons will also be expanded to include an art section.

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock Redd and what you have to consider when buying paintings to avoid accidentally buying overpriced counterfeits.

Get Redd – this is how you unlock the painting dealer

Redd does not visit your island right away, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Download at least the update 1.20 (current version: 1.31) for AC: New Horizons (it doesn’t start automatically, then click the corresponding game app in the switch menu with the minus button and run it manually)
  • start the game and talk to Eugen (Bleathers) in the museum: He tells you that you’ve done a wonderful job so far and that a new area for art is to be added to the museum
  • after the conversation, you have to let 24 hours pass (if you don’t want to wait, you can also introduce time travel or the time in AC New Horizons )
  • The next day, after starting the game, Melinda will tell you that there is a suspicious person on the island: Redd, of course

For all new players: If you’ve only recently started the game, Eugen won’t ask you for works of art until after the museum has been built. Before that, you cannot meet Redd on your island.

Where can I find Redd’s treasure cutter?

Congratulations, the crafty art dealer has now made it to your island, but where can you find him?

Here is his shop: From now on Redd will go to your island once a week by ship, which also serves as an art shop. You can find the ship in the far north on your map on a secret beach that you can only reach with your ladder (see picture).

Here is Redd: The first time, however, Redd will not be on his ship. If you click on the entrance, you read the message that you are not allowed to enter without permission. You need this permission from the art dealer himself, of course.

The solution? You have to find the fox first – he is walking around somewhere on the beaches or directly in front of the service center on your island. At the time of writing, no concrete pattern has emerged as to how exactly you will find it.

Should you have picked up Redd on your island, speak to him and initially decline his offer, the painting for almost 500,000 bells. Then he’ll make you a very cheap price of only 4,980 bells. Buy the painting and then bring it to Eugene. This is coincidental but will always be a real work of art. After your donation, the owl will start building the art gallery.

Redd, however, will continue to be on your island the whole day, but you can’t do anything with him anymore. A few days later he will return and then you can visit him on his boat cutter.

What to do if Redd no longer comes?

You can also miss Redd if he’s not there for the first time. However, the waiting time before the next time he comes can be several days or even weeks. Therefore, make sure that you buy the painting when Melinda announces for the first time that a strange figure is on the island.

Recently there was an update that changed the algorithm that we are also explaining to you. Since then, Redd has been able to appear on your island several times.

So you can visitRedd on Harvey’s Plaza every day!

With Update 2.0 there is now a new location on Harvey’s Island that is a marketplace for all the wandering traders. So Redd comes by with his caravan and sells you a work of art every day.

Changing offer: The works of art on offer are exactly the same that you can still get on his cutter. However, he offers you two pieces a day, which only change when you’ve bought something. The purchased work of art is then exchanged for another the next day.

So it can happen that you are forced to purchase counterfeit works of art. As usual, these will be sent to your mailbox the next day.

What does Redd offer for sale?

Paintings, statues, and Artwork: The fox’s primary business, of course, revolves around the paintings, statues, and artwork in the game. You can buy these from him for 4980 bells each.

Furniture: Redd also has two more decorative objects on offer for each visit. These are random and always overpriced on top of that. So you should just keep your hands off it, even if the fox claims otherwise.

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