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Animal Crossing’s Big Winter Update Brings Thanksgiving, Christmas, Storage Upgrade, Reactions



Animal Crossing’s Big Winter Update Brings Thanksgiving, Christmas, Storage Upgrade, Reactions

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ next update is coming on Nov. 19 — and it’s adding seasonal festivities, like Turkey Day and Toy Day, to the game. The free update will also add a few new Reactions, hairstyles, and the ability to transfer saved data. There’s plenty to be excited for in this update, with another scheduled for late January. (New Year’s-themed, naturally.)

Turkey Day (November 26)

Players will be able to partake in the Turkey Day activities on Nov. 26, with Toy Day coming on Dec. 24 — aligned with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On Turkey Day, Franklin — a turkey chef — will visit and help create a feast in the plaza. Players will have to bring him ingredients, and Nintendo said Franklin will give a gift for helping. Of course, the whole thing looks very seasonally appropriate, too.

Toy Day Christmas Event With Jingle (December 24)

Christmas is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons with the Winter Update bringing a brand new Toy Day event on December 24th. The island will become more and more festively decorated as the day approaches!

Then on December 24th, you can meet Jingle the Reindeer as he shows up on your island for a special holiday visit bringing holiday gifts for all.

Jingle will need your help spreading the holiday fun though, so you’ll be able to play as Santa going around the island giving gifts to all of your villagers!

After you help him deliver all of his holiday gifts to everyone, Jingle will reward you with a special gift yet to be determined. In past Animal Crossing games, he would give out red and green Jingle furniture!

New Year’s Eve

Between December 26 and December 31, you’ll be able to buy festive New Year’s Eve items. Then on New Year’s Eve itself, you can take part in a countdown event starting at 7 PM. Ring in the new year with your animal buddies.

New Reactions and Hairstyles

The update will also add nine new reactions and six new hairstyles, available through the Nook Miles program. You’ll be able to purchase a Hip Reaction pack or a Stylish Hairstyles pack to unlock the new cosmetics. A trailer showed off some of them in action, including a Yoga and Ta-Da reaction, and several of the hairstyles.

Home Storage, Random Dreams, And Save Transfers

We’ve heard from endless readers over the past few months upset over the limited options for transferring your island between two Nintendo Switch systems. Thankfully, the dark days are coming to an end.

With the Winter Update, you can now easily transfer your entire Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to another system using the Island Transfer Tool for free download in the Nintendo eShop.

Even better, it’ll also be possible for additional players on an existing island to move their data off to another system with inventory, house, storage, and more intact.

We don’t have the space to go into the full details here yet, so check out Nintendo’s official support page on the Island & Resident Transfer feature here.

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