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Animal Well: Where to Find the Bubble Wand



Animal Well: Where to Find the Bubble Wand

Venturing through the illuminated labyrinth world of Animal Well requires various kinds of platforming techniques for which players have to use certain tools. One of the essential tools for navigating the world that players should get as early as possible is the Bubble Wand. It will allow players to spawn a bubble on which they can jump to reach higher ledges that are unreachable with regular jumps.

This guide will help you where to find the Bubble Wand in the Animal Well.

Where to Find the Bubble Wand in Animal Well

The Bubble Wand or the B. Wand as entitled in the game is located in the lower-left area of the game for which you have to do a quite bit of venturing before you reach it. To make your way to the B. Wand, you need to go to the path on the left side of the Animal Hub (an area with four animal statues). Keep on going along the path to get past a pair of swans under you to reach the Fish Fountain Puzzle.

Upon completing the puzzle, continue on the left side through the opened door to see four columns of bubbles in front of you. Instead of crossing the bubbles by jumping on them to reach the other side, stand on any bubble and go down. As you switch to the next screen, you will see another patch on the other side. Make your way to the other side of the lower screen to find a Normal Egg in the chest.

Continue right in this dark room to see more fish in the water with more bubbles. Jump on the bubbles to go right and make your way towards the ladder. Climb the ladder to reach a room with several fans with a whale picture on them. Step on to the green button below the platform to activate the fans and then jump on the fans to press the four yellow buttons on the ceiling.

Pressing all the buttons will open the door on the top left side. Continue ahead on the left side to find a telephone. Save the progress and then go down the ladder ahead to continue ahead in the right direction which will take you to the Seahorse location.

Get Past the Seahorse to reach the B. Wand

Reaching the room with a seahorse in the water, you have to open the door on the top left side for which you have to press three yellow switches on the ceiling of the room. To reach the buttons, you have to wait for the seahorse to come out of the water to spray water at you. As it sprays water, four bubbles will appear on which you can jump to press the buttons.

Now, as the seahorse will spray the water at your position, you can bait him to spray underneath the buttons’ locations to easily press the buttons. For all the buttons, you can follow the following steps.

  • For the button in the middle, stand on the second platform facing towards the left side and jump on the bubble to press the button.
  • For the button on the right side, stand on the right edge of the second platform facing towards the right side and then jump on the bubbles to press the button.
  • For the button on the left side, stand on the left edge of the third platform facing towards the left side and then jump on the bubbles to press the button.

Once the door is unlocked, repeat the final step again to let the seahorse spray water again in the direction of the door so you can use the bubbles to go through the door.

Upon getting past the seahorse, you will reach a room with a chest in the middle. Loot the chest to get the B. Wand tool. Now, you will be able to spawn the bubble using the B. Wand by pressing the X/Square button to reach the higher ledges/platforms easily.

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