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Animal Well: How to Solve Fish Fountain Puzzle



Animal Well: How to Solve Fish Fountain Puzzle

Animal Well is a Metroidvania-style video game with no combat at all, but instead, you will get to solve several puzzles throughout its beautiful world. One of the main puzzles that players will have to solve while traversing to the seahorse quadrant and getting the B. Wand tool is the Fish Fountain Puzzle.

This guide will help you how to solve the Fish Fountain Puzzle in Animal Well.

How to Solve Fish Fountain Puzzle in Animal Well

Solving the Fish Fountain Puzzle will require you to fill the receptacle on the left side by directing the fountain water to bounce off the two platforms on the right side. The fountain water will come out of the Fish Statue in the back and hit the rightmost platform. You need to change the direction of the platform towards the left side by interacting with the crank beneath the pillar.

Now, go to the pillar on the left and use the crank beneath it to change the direction of the platform to a bit right. Look at the fountain water if it reaches the left platform and it does into the receptacle. If so, then wait for the receptacle to fill up, otherwise, bend the platforms a bit more or less to direct the water into the receptacle.

Once the receptacle is filled up, the door on the top left side will open allowing you to pursue ahead in the seahorse area and get the B, Wand tool which will allow you to create a bubble to reach higher platforms that are unreachable with regular jumps.  

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