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V Rising: How to Respec Spells



V Rising: How to Respec Spells

With an all-new spell system in V Rising v1.0, there are several new additions to the game that players should familiarize themselves as soon as possible. One of the new additions is the Respec feature where players will be able to reset any Spell School to equip other spells of that Spell School.

This guide will help you how to respec spells in V Rising.

How to Respec Spells in V Rising

The Respec feature will be introduced to the players fairly early in the game while progressing through the main quest line as they will unlock the recipe for the Altar of Recollection structure. It is a repurposed structure for the Blood Altar which was removed in the previous major update of the game and it requires the same materials as Blood Altar to craft which are the following.

  • 180x Stone
  • 10 Blood Essence

As all of these resources are easy to get early in the game, build the Altar of Recollection and place it down somewhere in the Castle to respec your spells. Interacting with the Altar of Recollection will open a menu through which you can reset any Spell School free of cost. All six Spell Schools will be shown in the menu and you can reset anyone by selecting it and then selecting the “Reset School” option.

Once you have reset the school, exit the menu and open the Spellbook. Navigate to the school that you reset and you will be able to select equip any spells of the respective tiers for which you have the Spell Points. All the used Spell Points will be reversed for that Spell School upon resetting it allowing you to select any spell of the respective tier.

It doesn’t feel very important to you earlier in the game but as you progress ahead by defeating more V Blood Bosses and earning Spell Points of various schools, it will help you greatly in changing your build for certain V Blood bosses and more.

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