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V Rising: How to Unlock Spells – New Spell System Explained!



V Rising: How to Unlock Spells - New Spell System Explained!

The full release of V Rising will encourage all players to have a fresh start in an immersive vampiric adventure in which they will get to rise as an unstoppable Vampire. Players who have already played V Rising before will have most of the insight into its mechanics whereas, the new players might struggle a bit in the start.

However, the v1.0 of V Rising not only has several additions to it but there are certain changes in it as well including a brand-new Spell System. The spell System in V Rising has been totally changed and now requires a different yet efficient method to unlock the favorite spells from various schools. This guide will provide you with information on how to unlock spells in V Rising.

How to Unlock Spells in V Rising 1.0

Unlocking the spells from six different schools (types) in V Rising now requires Spell Points of a certain Tier instead of just eliminating a V Blood Boss that unlocks the spell readily. This means that eliminating certain V Blood Bosses only to unlock certain spells of the schools is no longer required, instead, players will now have to get Spell Points of a certain tier (I, II, and III), and school to unlock any spell of that tier.

It is a great change to unlocking spells for your character as it gives you more personalization options on how you wish to progress your character. You don’t have to fight a certain V Blood Boss just to unlock the spell you want for your build. However, defeating the V Blood bosses now will drop a Spell Point of a certain tier and school which you can use to unlock any spell available in that tier.

Simply, open the Spellbook from the menu and navigate to the school for which you got the Spell Point. Now, select the respective tier to accumulate the Spell Point and it will give you the option to select any spell within that tier to unlock. For the other spells of that tier, you will have to get more Spell Points of the same tier to unlock them, and so on for every tier and school.

This change is mainly to shake things up in the playthrough of the game and give more flexibility to the players to unlock any spell rather than the same spell every time from defeating the same boss.

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