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V Rising: How to Get the Longbow



V Rising: How to Get the Longbow

V Rising is finally in its full release with v1.0 offering a brand new region for exploration and end-game content, several tweaks and changes, and most of all various new additions along with a couple of new weapon types. One of the new weapon types added with v1.0 of V Rising is the Longbow giving advantages to the players to take out the foes from a safe distance.

However, similar to the other weapon types, players must get its recipe first by defeating a certain V Blood Boss. This guide will provide you with information on how to get the Longbow weapon in V Rising.

How to Get the Longbow Weapon in V Rising 1.0

Getting the Longbow weapon in V Rising 1.0 will require players to unlock its recipe by defeating a Level 30 V Blood Boss named Lidia the Chaos Archer. She is mostly found walking on the roads of Vardoran area in the Farbane Woods region. Don’t take her as an easier foe even though she is one of the earliest V Blood Bosses in the game. Make sure that your Gear Level is higher than 30 or at least 30 when you face her.

Upon defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer, you will unlock the ability to craft Longbows at the Smithy. Simply, return to your castle and access the Smithy station to find the recipe for the Longbow and gather the required materials respective to the tier of Longbow to craft yourself a Longbow weapon.

All Longbow Weapon Attacks in V Rising 1.0

The attacks of the new Longbow weapon are mentioned below.

Primary Attack

Hold to charge a projectile that deals 60-120% physical damage on hit and grants Focus. Focus stacks up to 3 times and increases the effectiveness of your other Longbow skills. Fully charged shots pierce up to 2 enemies, subsequent hits deal 50% damage of the previous hit.


Fire 5 piercing arrows in a cone dealing 100% physical damage and knocking enemies back. Consumes Focus, launching one additional arrow per stack, each stack dealing 20% bonus damage.

Guided Arrow

Fire an arrow dealing 120% physical damage and inflicting a 2s fading snare. The arrow turns to hit the same target again after impact, dealing 50% damage. Consumes Focus, increasing the number of times the arrow turns to hit by one per stack.

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