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V Rising: How to Get Draculin Blood Type



V Rising: How to Get Draculin Blood Type

The full release of V Rising has several new additions to its world and foes that players will encounter and engage with as they progress through the game. One of the new additions to V Rising is a new Blood Type called Draculin. If you are familiar with the Blood Type System in V Rising, you must know how crucial it is to gain certain bonuses that will help you not only in your playthrough but also defeat V Blood bosses easily.

With a brand new Blood Type added to the game, it is best to notice it to learn all the bonuses that you can acclaim from it. This guide will help you how to get Draculin Blood Type in V Rising.

How to get Draculin Blood Type in V Rising 1.0

The new Draculin Blood Type is obtained by killing and feeding on the new vampire foes that roam around in the Ruins of Mortium. It is a brand-new biome in the game that offers over ten new locations filled with tough vampiric monstrosities. All of the new vampiric foes contain Draculin blood and as you engage in a fight with each one, you will be able to see their blood type along with its quality.

Now, for those who don’t know, Blood Quality plays a major role in providing you with the number of bonuses respective to the Blood Type. If you are feeding on Draculin Blood, you will only get a certain number of bonuses depending on its blood quality. It is more efficient to find a vampiric foe with a higher blood quality like 50% or 70% for more bonuses.

However, another thing that is worth mentioning for the new vampiric foes in V Rising is that these enemies cannot be imprisoned. Meaning, that you cannot take a vampire with a higher blood quality and imprison it in your castle to feed on it whenever required. It is not the case with vampiric foes, so you will have to kill and feed on the vampire foes on the spot to get the Draculin Blood Type of a certain quality.

All Bonuses for Draculin Blood Type in V Rising 1.0

Similar to all the other Blood Types in V Rising, the Draculin Blood Type also grants several bonuses to the character depending on the Blood Quality percentage.

  • 10-20% Increased Movement Speed during the Night.
  • 10-20% Increased Damage against enemies below 30% Health.
  • 40-80% Increased Healing from Blood Mend.
  • 1 Additional Bite charge and restores 5% of your maximum health when killing an enemy using Bite.
  • Boost all the above effects by 25%.

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