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Hades II: How to Defeat Headmistress Hecate



Hades II: How to Defeat Headmistress Hecate

Headmistress Hecate is the first boss in Hades II that players will get to encounter as they progress through their early runs. She is a powerful witch with various attacks but she is also a mentor of Melinoe (protagonist) and the boss fight is to train the players and highlight the dangers that they are going to face later in the game.

Despite she is a mentor of Melinoe, players must defeat her to progress in the story. This guide will highlight the techniques that you can use to easily deal damage to Hecate and defeat her in Hades II.

How to Defeat Headmistress Hecate in Hades II

Headmistress Hecate is located at the edge of Erebus where players will reach eventually while progressing through the doors in Erebus. The main thing you want to focus on in your journey to the edge of Erebus is that you select the Boons that give elemental effects to your attacks along with the ones that increase the damage of the special attacks. Additionally, you can also select the boons that give you the ability to regenerate the Magick gauge bar as it will help you greatly in casting special attacks throughout the fight.

Now, the best weapon that you can utilize for this specific fight is Sister Blades due to its rapid slash attacks in close proximity along with ranged attacks. However, you can also use the Witch’s Staff as well to deal a significant amount of damage to Hecate if you follow the pattern we mentioned below.

Method to Defeat Hecate in Hades II

Right off the bat, Hecate will use an AOE attack of flames which will cover a medium range around her, requiring you to keep a distance from her for the course of the attack. You need to use the ranged attack on her while she is doing this attack and if you have a ranged elemental attack, it is even better.

Keep on hitting her until her first attack ends and she will probably either create three mimics of her or she will start doing a flaming arc attack. If she does the mimic attack, you need to hit every mimic with a ranged attack to find the real Hecate. If the hit marker is green, it means it is a mimic and if it is red, it means it is real Hecate. Now, continue pressure on Hecate with ranged or special attacks.

For the flame arc attacks, it is the best opportunity for you to deal damage to her. Before she casts an arc of flame, she will raise both of her arms, it is your queue to dash behind her and annihilate her with close-range attacks. Sister Blades is the best weapon for this but worry not if you don’t have this weapon as other weapons will also work fine. She will do the arc flame attack multiple times while facing you so be ready to dash behind her every time you see her lift her arms up and then keep hitting her to deal an immense amount of damage.

Upon depleting one-third of her HP, she will spawn in the middle of the arena with a shield. While she is protected by a shield, she is invulnerable and you can’t do any damage to her. What you want to do here is eliminate all small witches in the area to remove the shield of Hecate. Once the shield is removed, you can go right into her again and start hitting her with close-range attacks.

The rest of the fight is pretty similar to what you did before but there will be another attack of Hecate which she will use once you have depleted almost two-thirds of her HP. She will cast a sphere that will follow Melinoe for quite some time and if the sphere hits her, Melinoe will turn into a sheep for around 12 to 13 seconds. However, you can dodge the sphere simply by dashing towards it whenever it is about to hit you. Simply run around the arena to gain distance and then dash towards it to dodge it. You will have to dodge it several times before it disappears.

Once you have dealt with the sphere, you can continue on attacking Hecate by following the method and you will defeat her in no time.


Defeating Headmistress Hecate will reward you with a Cinder which is a resource that is mainly used for unlocking the Umbral Flames weapon at the Nocturnal Arms in the Silver Pool.

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