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Hades II: How to Unlock Broker in the Crossroads



Hades II has several returning characters from the original game that players will get to meet as they progress through the game and at the main hub called The Crossroads. One of the returning characters and probably one of the most useful characters is Wretched Broker, the friendly merchant who gives you various essential resources required for various purposes.

Wretched Broker was the merchant in the first game and it is the same in its successor. However, players will first have to unlock him to make him appear at The Crossroads to make any trades. This guide will provide you with information on how to unlock Broker in the Crossroads in Hades II.

How to Unlock Broker in The Crossroads in Hades II

Unlocking Wretched Broker, the merchant in Hades II is possible by learning the Summoning of Mercantile Fortune incantation. It is one of the earliest incantations available for you to learn and it costs 10x Bones. However, for you to learn the incantation, you must first unlock the source of learning the incantations which is unlocked automatically at the end of your second run.

When you return to The Crossroads for the second time, you will meet Hecate beside the Cauldron. She will give you access to the Cauldron for you to learn various incantations/spells at the cost of certain resources. Once you have unlocked the Cauldron, get the Summoning of Mercantile Fortune incantation to spawn Wretched Broker to the west of the Cauldron.

How to trade with Wretched Broker in Hades II

Upon unlocking Wretched Broker to The Crossroads, you will be able to trade Bones for various essential resources like Ashes, Psyche, Fate Fabric, Nectar, and much more. Every item will cost you a certain amount of Bones and some of the items will be randomized from time to time.

Bones is the currency in Hades II and similar to the common resources like Ashes and Psyche, you can get it by eliminating enemies in the area or choosing a door with Bones Sigil and eliminating enemies inside it.

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