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Hades II Beginners Guide – Top Tips & Tricks for Starters



Hades II Beginners Guide – Top Tips & Tricks for Starters

Welcome the direct sequel to Hades as you will be battling beyond the underworld in a roguelike adventure filled with endless action. If you have ever played Hades, you will be familiar with a lot of stuff in Hades II which might give you an edge on a lot of things. However, if you are a new starter to the series and jumping into Hades II straightaway, you might want to learn the core features and mechanics that will help you both strengthen your character and progress in the story.

This guide will provide you with information on combat, Arcana Cards, Incantations, Resources, and other crucial things that are essential for a better playthrough.

Hades II Beginners Guides

Hades II is all about moving forward by clearing every stage with enemies and strengthening your character in between. Now, there are some things that we would like to put out straightaway which include clearing every stage completely and accepting death doesn’t mean you are losing.

Every stage you encounter in your run will include several enemies and resources that are crucial to get which we will discuss in detail in the Resources section of this guide. The reason why we say accepting death is not losing is because at every death you will get back to the Main Hub where you will be able to strengthen your character, craft new incantations, equip new Arcana Cards, etc. but the main reason is progressing in the story.

Yes, you read it right, you cannot just progress in the main story simply by starting from Point A to Point B. There are various other things that you must fulfill to get access to the main stages to progress ahead and it is possible by dying and ending your run.

Now, with that out of the way, the initial tips and tricks that we would like to bring for you are on the Combat because it is a core feature of the game, and learning the concepts of how to deal with enemies is crucial for a successful run.

Tips & Tricks for Combat in Hades II

The combat in Hades II includes various attacks for each weapon that you must adapt immediately and learn which attacks are better in which scenarios. Moreover, there is a new attack in Hades II known as Omega which consumes Magick (Mana) to cast and deal extensive damage to the enemies. It acts as a special attack on your equipped weapon and is very useful for various reasons.

You can find all the tips and tricks related to combat below.

  • Use Dash for evading attacks and mobility: While fighting the enemies, you must always keep a close eye on your enemies for any incoming attack. Instead of moving back or running to the side, dashing away to the side will put you in Invincibility Frames that will allow you to dodge and evade enemy attacks. Moreover, dashing also gives you more mobility allowing you to cross gaps and pass through obstacles.
  • Use Sprint for Only Bigger AOE Attacks: Don’t count the capability of sprinting of your character as it is evenly important as dashing. While dashing to evade regular attacks of the enemies, it doesn’t do you much justice in evading larger AOE attacks. These attacks are mostly cast by Elites, mini-bosses, and Bosses that are encountered as you progress through stages in each run. It is better to sprint away or around the attack than dash.
  • Take Advantage of Destructible Objects in the Environment: Most of the stages in Hades II will have destructible objects in the environment like trees. You can attack these trees to create an explosion which will deal an immense amount of damage to the nearby enemies. This is specifically called a Terrain Attack and it is best to take advantage of it every time when you are facing enemies that follow you around.
  • Use Cast Attack for Trapping Enemies: The Cast attack is one of the most useful attacks in Hades II as it will allow you to trap enemies within the cast radius. You can lay it out easily to trap enemies that follow around and gives you the opportunity to stun-lock them with your special attacks.
  • Utilize Your Special and Omega Attacks: As mentioned earlier, the Omega Attacks are new and deal immense damage upon cast, it is best that you utilize them to survive any difficult opponent. However, be aware of your Magick Gauge Bar because, without it, you cannot cast Omega attacks.
  • Replenish Magick Gauge Bar at Magick Altar: While progressing through the stages in each run, you will see a Magick Altar randomly available in a stage. Make sure to interact with it to replenish the Magick Gauge Bar to be able to use the Omega Attacks in the future stages.
  • Equip Boons to Upgrade Attacks: As you start your run and progress through stages, you will be presented with various Boons for the run. These Boons provide elemental attacks along with upgrading your attacks. Make sure to select an effective elemental boon like freeze/ice at the start if available and then start upgrading your attacks. Remember that these boons are only effective for the run, once you die all the bonuses will be reset.

Equip Arcana Cards at the Altar of Ashes

One of the new features in Hades II is the Arcana Cards which work as buffs and perks for your character. You can find the Altar of Ashes at the start of the area where you craft weapons. Interacting with the Altar will provide you with available Arcana Cards that can be equipped to your character depending upon the capacity of Grasp.

Now, the Grasp is the Green Bar around the character on the top left side in the Altar of Ashes menu. You will start with 10 Grasp and you can increase it by spending the Psyche (resource) for an extra 2 Grasp. The more Grasp you have, the more Arcana Cards you can equip at once. However, you must first unlock Arcana Cards which will cost Ash and Cinder. For the earlier cards, it will mostly require Ash and as you unlock more cards, it will require Cinder as well for unlocking any further cards.

Each Arcana Card provides a unique buff and perk for your character that stays on until you unequip the card and every card takes a certain amount of Grasp for equipping. The Arcana Cards that are more powerful will cost 4 – 5 Grasp bars at once whereas, the regular and good Arcana Cards will take 1 – 2 Grasp bars.

The best Arcana Cards that you should equip as soon as possible are The Sorceress and The Unseen. The Sorceress will allow you to slow down time upon using the Omega Attacks which will give you enough time to dash through any incoming attacks. The Unseen is the best for any playstyle as it restores 2 Magick every 1 second allowing you to absolutely obliterate enemies with Omega attacks.

Best Incantations to Unlock First

After your first couple of runs, you will be brought to the Main Hub where you will see a giant Cauldron in the middle. It is where you unlock the Incantations for adding and changing certain things within your run. These incantations can be of great help in providing you with certain resources, keeping track of resources, calling certain merchants, and much more.

The best and most essential incantation that you should get right at the start is the Night’s Craftwork. It unlocks the Gathering Tools in the Silver Pool area from where you can unlock four tools which all are used to gather certain resources.

Furthermore, you also want to unlock Summoning of Mercantile Fortune to appear a merchant named Wretched Broker to the Main Hub. You will be able to trade Bones (currency) with him for various essential resources.

Craft New Weapons After Your First Boss Encounter

As you progress ahead in your run and take down the first boss of the game, you will be rewarded with Cinder. Now, you can use Cinder for both unlocking Arcana Cards and some of the powerful weapons. It is best to save Cinder for now so that you can use it to craft weapons at the Silver Pool. There are six different weapons available at the moment in Hades II and one of the weapons that you should get is the Umbral Flames. It will cost 3 Silver and 3 Cinder to craft this weapon.

Gather the Resources from each stage

Upon unlocking the Gathering Tools in the Silver Pool area, unlock the Crescent Pick right away and equip it for your next run. As you go through each encounter, you must break every ore to gather Silver. Similarly, unlock other three tools as well and then start using them for each run to gather various resources.

NOTE: You can only equip one tool for every run so, you must have to start a new run if you are looking to farm a certain resource.

Gift Nectar to NPCs for Special Rewards

Throughout your playthrough, you will meet several NPCs from whom you can gain blessings in the form of special items by gifting them a Nectar. You don’t have to gift multiple Nectars to one NPC to gain the item as it only requires one. You can get a Nectar from Wretched Broker for 30 Bones and it is best to always keep on with you in each run as you never know when you encounter an NPC in your run.

After gifting Nectar, you can get the item from the Keepsakes in the Silver Pool area. Simply interact with the Keepsakes to view the items and select the one you wish to equip for the run. Each item will provide certain passive bonuses for your character which can increase the chances of your survival for a longer and successful run.

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