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Hades II: How to Get Shadow



Hades II: How to Get Shadow

The world in Hades II is filled with various essential resources that are crucial to learning new incantations, unlocking new Arcana Cards, crafting new weapons and tools, and much more. However, one of the resources that doesn’t occur in the world as other resources is Shadow. It is a crucial resource like others as it is required to learn an incantation that specifically removes the ward to the Surface and allows players to access the surface area.

This guide will tell you how to get Shadow in Hades II.

How to Get Shadow in Hades II

The Shadow is obtained through Alchemy in Hades II and players will have to make it in the Cauldron. Players will get access to the Alchemy tab in the cauldron upon ending their run after unlocking the Permeation of Witching Wards incantation. If you aren’t seeing the Alchemy tab when you access the Cauldron, just start a run and die at any point and it will unlock for you.

Once the Alchemy is unlocked, the Shadow Extraction will be the first one that you will see in the list, and making it will get you the Shadow. The required resources for making the Shadow Extraction are the following.

  • 30x Ash
  • 30x Psyche
  • 3x Fate Fabric

Ash and Psyche are easy to get in your run as they drop randomly from defeating all enemies in an area or at the end of a door with their respective sigil symbols (Ash or Psyche). Furthermore, you can also purchase Ash and Psyche from the Wretched Broker merchant in The Crossroads in exchange for Ancient Bones.

Bones are the currency in Hades II which you will be able to collect as you clear through each area of the Underground and the door with the Bones sigil symbol. Lastly, for the Fate Fabric, you will have to either complete tasks from the Fated List or you can purchase it from the Broker. However, not all tasks offer Fate Fabric as a reward so if you are stacked up on Bones, purchasing Fate Fabric might be the best option.

After getting the Shadow, you will be able to complete the process of learning the Permeation of Witching Wards incantation and get access to the Surface area.

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