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Hades II: How to Increase Grasp and Equip More Arcana Cards



Hades II: How to Increase Grasp and Equip More Arcana Cards

Beginning your run in the Underground to engage in fights with all kinds of treacherous enemies and progress through as many doors as possible is a difficult challenge but if you have equipped several Arcana Cards for various buffs and perks, it will definitely increase your chances of getting a long run in Hades II.

Arcana Cards play a crucial role in providing your character with powerful buffs and perks for the playthrough but there is only a limited number of cards that can be equipped at a time. This limit is determined by a factor called Grasp (the ability to carry maximum Arcana). Fortunately, there is a way to increase Grasp which will allow you to equip more Arcana Cards which will make the runs easier.

This guide will tell you how to increase Grasp and equip more Arcana Cards in Hades II.

How to Increase Grasp in Hades II

The Grasp is increased by spending Psyche at the Altar of Ashes in the Silver Pool area. Open the Altar of Ashes and navigate to the top left side to see the required amount of Psyche to increase the maximum amount of Grasp by 2. Initially, you will start with 10 Grasp and for the very first upgrade, you will require 40 Psyche.

For every Grasp upgrade you get by spending Psyche, the next upgrades will get expensive and require more Psyche to increase further Grasp.

How to Get Psyche in Hades II

Now, there are various methods to get Psyche in Hades II.

  • Proceed towards the door with Psyche Sigil outside of it and clear all the enemies in the area to get Psyche as a reward.
  • Clearing the enemies in an area will randomly drop Psyche.
  • Purchase 5 Psyche from Wretched Broker at the Main Hub for 30 Ancient Bones.
  • Use the Tablet of Peace tool to get Psyche.

How to Equip More Arcana Cards in Hades II

Upon increasing your character’s Grasp, you will have the ability to equip even more Arcana Cards. For any previous unequipped cards, you can equip them straightaway with any leftover Grasp. However, as each new Arcana Card needs to be unlocked by spending Ash and Cinder resources, you must first unlock the Arcana Cards and then equip them.

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