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Hades II: How to Unlock All Tools



Hades II: How to Unlock All Tools

The gameplay of Hades II is even better than its predecessor as it allows players to focus on various aspects rather than just obliterating enemies and passing through each encounter. One of the crucial aspects of the gameplay is the resources that can be gathered naturally by picking them up or clearing an area with enemies but for better results, Hades II offers various tools that are specifically designed for gathering various resources.

This guide will tell you how to unlock all tools in Hades II.

How to Unlock All Tools in Hades II

There are four tools in Hades II that players can unlock to gather various resources from all the regions. Every tool is used to gather a certain type of resources and before players get to unlock the tools, they will first have to unlock the Night’s Craftwork Incantation. The incantations are unlocked from the Big Cauldron in the middle of the Crossroads area (Main Hub) which becomes available after a couple of runs.

Once you have access to the Incantations, interact with the Cauldron and unlock Night’s Craftwork for 1x Moly. Moly is a regional flower that is only found in Erebus region and you can easily find a few in your starting runs. Upon unlocking Night’s Craftwork incantation, Gathering Tools will unlock in the Silver Pool where you unlock and craft weapons.

Now, make your way to the Silver Pool and interact with the Gathering Tools to view all of the tools and the resources required for unlocking each one.

Gathering ToolsResource CostDescription
Crescent Pick1x AshGather from mineral deposits for valuable Silver and more.
Tablet of Peace5x Psyche, 5x SilverCompel certain Lone Shades to the Crossroads and gain large sums of Psyche.
Silver Spade10x SilverDig for Mystery Seeds and a variety of useful reagents or other items.
Rod of Fishing1x Bronze, 1x Fate FabricCapture river denizens, which can be traded for Bones.

The first three tools can be unlocked fairly early even before reaching the second region of the game. You can craft the Crescent Pick right away with only 1 Ash cost and then start using it on the mineral deposits to gather Silver in each run. During your run, you can at least choose the Psyche door for once to get some amount of Psyche which will be enough for crafting a Tablet of Peace.

How to Use the Tools in Hades II

To use the tools in Hades II, you can only equip one tool per run. Before starting your run, you will see the tools in the Gathering Tools section. You need to equip any one of them by going near the Gathering Tools and pressing the respective button. Once done, go out to start your run and you will be indicated whenever you are near a respective resource that can be collected with your equipped tool.

It is better to see which resources you need to unlock more incantations or weapons so that you can choose the tool accordingly for your next run.

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