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Hades II: How to Unlock All Weapons



Hades II: How to Unlock All Weapons

Hades II offers various weapons that players can try out for their runs in the Underground as they clear through stages of various regions. Every weapon has its own playstyle and a pattern of attacks that can give an edge to players in certain scenarios. Some weapons are better for close encounters while some are better for ranged attacks, allowing players to choose how they wish to pursue their run.

This guide will tell you how you can unlock all available weapons in Hades II.

How to Unlock All Weapons in Hades II

There are currently five available weapons in Hades II (Early Access) four of which are readily available right from the start of the game. Melinoe (protagonist) starts with Witch’s Staff weapon which focuses on both close-range and long-range attacks. It is one of the best weapons in the game but it is not long before players will get to unlock the rest of the available weapons.

To unlock the weapons in Hades II, you will have to go to the Silver Pool area which is accessed from the Crossroads (Main Hub), and interact with the Nocturnal Arms. Here you will see a list of four weapons all available to be crafted for a cost of various resources mainly Silver. Now, Witch’s Staff is already equipped by Melinoe so the rest of the weapons that you will be able to unlock are the following.

  • Sister Blades
    • Unlock Cost: 1x Silver
  • Umbral Flames
    • Unlock Cost: 3x Silver and 3x Cinder
  • Moonstone Axe
    • Unlock Cost: 15x Silver

Upon selecting the weapon from the list with the required resources at hand, you will forge the weapon available for you to equip and test. As almost all weapons are unlocked with Silver, you must get your hands on Crescent Pick to start mining Silver from the mineral ores in Erebus. For the Cinder, you will have to defeat the first main boss, Headmistress Hectate.

Now, for the final and fifth weapon in Hades II called Argent Skull, you will have to progress through the main story of the game until you reach the Tartarus biome for which you have to unlock the Surface Route. Once you have made it to Tartarus, the Argent Skull will be unlocked at the Nocturnal Arms like the rest of the weapons.

Crafting Argent Skull will require the following resources.

  • 2x Glassrock
  • 1x Bronze

Both of these materials are found outside of the Erebus region. You can find Bronze easily in the Surface and the City of Ephyra whereas, the Glassrocks are found in the Mourning Fields.  

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