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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnarok): How to Start DLC



There are three ways to access the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC content. The first two ways require you to have made a bit of progress in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s main campaign. The first two ways are for old players that have already been playing Valhalla. They need to meet this requirement to Start the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

In the new DLC, The Dawn of Ragnarok You will explore the realm of Svartalfaheim dwarves. Unless you’re now a new player that wants to start a new game like Dawn of Ragnarok, you must be at a certain level to unlock the Dawn of Ragnarok. You must have to meet these requirements.

  • Get the Ravensthorpe settlement up to level 3. Once, you’ve done that you will unlock a quest called A wise Friend.
  • You have to complete the quest A wise Friend in which you will build the Seer’s Hut for Valka.

Restless Dreams

Once, you’ve done the above requirements you will unlock the quest Restless Dreams and you can continue to this quest Restless Dreams.

You have to prepare a ritual in the Restless Dreams quest. You need to go to this location with stones that have been placed to prepare a ritual. You need to go and light the bowl with flames, you need to light up all four bowls with flame. Once, you’ve done this the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC begins.

Restless Dreams

Power Level 340

When you use the Start Ritual option. It will show a pop-up for Dawn of Ragnarok and it will tell you that you require Power Level 340 in order to start the Dawn of Ragnarok. If you already have the power level 340 with Eivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, then you can start your adventure in Svartalfaheim.

Boost if you’re not Power Level 340

If you’re not Power Level 340 game will give you the progress boost at the start. This boost will raise your Power level to 340. All the progression items and equipment you receive in Svartalfaheim will carry on to Valhalla. But the boost to level 340 is only for Svartalfaheim.

Boost if you’re not Power Level 340

You will also receive a Mythical armor set with your progression boost and tier 2 abilities set.

Boost if you’re not Power Level 340

New Players

New players who want to play Dawn of Ragnarok can start the DLC by going from the main menu options of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by going to the New game. In choose your experience you have to select Dawn of Ragnarok.

With this selection of playing Dawn of Ragnarok, the drawback is that you won’t have access to the main Valhalla campaign regions like England or other regions. You can only explore in Svartalfaheim. Also, you would automatically get the boost to Power level 340 with the Mythical equipment.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnarok): How to Start DLC

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