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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God



Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

In this quest Gift to the God, you play as Havi and you’re going through a cave in search of a treasure. You are following two allies Sigrun and Halstein. You have to follow Sigrun and Halstein, the dwarves of the Svartalfheim.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

After making your way through the caves and temples, you’ll reach the big Halls. A cutscene will occur when you reach there, showing an enemy Muspel whose also searching for the treasure. You have to sneak and kill the Muspel.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

You and your allies will now search for the treasure, you can use your eagle vision to highlight key interests. After a few minutes, Sigurn will find the treasure behind the wall. A cutscene will start where she will offer the Havi, Lord of Asgard the gift of the treasure bracer. Havi will put the bracer and Sigurn will tell Havi to test and kill the Muspel now.

Bracer Power Tutorial

After you’ve acquired the bracer, you will now go through the tutorial on how to use your newly acquired power. You have to press R to use your newly acquired power, go near the body of Muspel, and press R to acquire the power of Muspelheim from Muspel.

A tutorial menu will appear and it will tell you that the enemy has the power of Muspelheim. You can store the power obtained from the enemy in one of your two slots available. So, you can press 5 or 6 to store the power of Muspelheim to the selected slot.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

Collecting Hugr

After you’ve selected the slots more enemies will come you have to kill the enemies. From the dead bodies of the enemies you can collect Hugr, Hugr is a spirit that you can collect from the enemies you’ve killed, and then later you can use the Hugr to spend on your Power activation.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

Finding route for Sigurn and Halstein

There is lava and lava can damage you, but you can use your Power of Muspelheim and you can run through the lava, it won’t affect you. You have to go through the lava and go through the small opening. You have to find the dwarves the way, by going through the opening jump down the ledge and you’ll go to the door where the dwarves are calling you, shoot the lock on the door so, they can enter the door and you follow along the path.

You need to follow the dwarves, there is a jump there they can’t cross. So, you have to get down using your Power in lava and move the block so they can cross the jump. You will finally make your way out of the cave, you have to fight some Muspel enemies there.


Once, you get out of the cave a cutscene will start there is a site there with three big pilgrims. Sinmara, will teleport and appear from there and now you have to defeat Sinmara.

How to Defeat

Sinmara has dash ability you can use your bow to attack Sinmara. Sinmara has a big blade that she will use to do a heavy attack, the major attack that you have to dodge and then counter-attack Sinmara with your bow. You can use your Bow and mix it with your sword and make a attack combo to deal damage to Sinmara.

Sinmara has a glowing weak spot at her back, you can attack the weak point with your bow to deal Sinmara great damage. Sinmara will start throwing lava balls when you’ve dealed a decent amount of damage to her.

How to Defeat

After sinmara is half HP, a cutscene will trigger and she will go back to the three big stones there and she will teleport and escape from the fight.

Follow Sigurn and Halstein to Shelter

After you’ve done with fight with Sinmara, the dwarves will tell you to follow them to their shelter. They will tell you that you can access your World map and see all the Shelters available throughout the map. They’ll show the barrels that have been marked to keep track of the way of shelters.

Keep following the dwarves, through the mountains. Finally, they’ll take you near the Shelter cave where a cutscene will trigger where you and your allies will meet Brudd and he’ll welcome you in the Jordber Shelter. You’ll also get a message that a new shelter discovered.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

Brudd now will take you to the blacksmith, you have to follow Brudd to the blacksmith. You have to talk to the blacksmith and he’ll give you the Silica which can be used to upgrade your Hugr-rip.

Now you need to meet Brudd at the gate of the Shelter. You have to follow the Brudd, Brudd will take you up the mountain until you reach the mountaintop. He will then take you to the edge of the cliff there. Where the cutscene will appear completing the prologue and the name will appear and the quest will be completed.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(Dawn of Ragnorak): Gift to the God

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