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Avatar: Frontier of Pandora: How to Get Sticks



Avatar - Sticks for Arrows

The Western Frontier of Pandora is a vast world filled with several various species and Flora that can be found by players through exploration. All of the wildlife and Flora can be of great assistance as they drop certain materials that are used for crafting. Crafting better armor pieces and weapons can help you win difficult fights. However, one of the crafting materials that is essential for crafting the Na’vi weapons as well as arrows for the Bow weapons is Stick.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get sticks in Avatar: Frontier of Pandora.

How to Get Sticks in Avatar: Frontier of Pandora

Sticks are obtained from the plant named Archer’s Thicket found almost everywhere in Pandora. It is a common plant in Pandora and has purple leaves on it which can be seen easily from a fair distance. You can also use Na’vi senses to locate these plants easily. Once you have found the Archer’s Thicket plant, press the F button (PC), Square button (PlayStation), or X button (XBOX) to harvest it to get 1x Stick.

Every Thicket plant gives 1x Stick which will be stored in your inventory and be used as you craft the arrows. Each stick can craft 10x arrows and the number of sticks you have can be seen as you craft the arrows. It is better to have several sticks stored in your inventory as you can run out of arrows frequently, especially in combat.

Having the sticks stored will allow you to craft arrows whenever you run out of them to keep the chances of your survival high as fighting the RDA enemies at close range can be devastating.

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