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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – How to Gather Flora (Plants & Fruits)



Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - Gather Flora

In the lively world of Pandora, various plants and fruits are of great use both for replenishing energy as well as for crafting arrows, gear items, and weapons. The fruits that players find in the forests of Pandora are also used in cooking which can provide efficiency of 100% energy. However, players must first learn how to forage the Flora found around Pandora to utilize it in their playthrough.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gather flora in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

How to Gather Plants & Fruits in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

All the plants and fruits that are found within their specific environments in Pandora are gathered via harvesting mechanics. The harvesting mechanics in Avatar are simple yet can be faulty if not done properly. When players come to find their first fruit or plant of a kind in the game, the game will portray the harvesting mechanics for that particular fruit or plant. It will require players to press and hold the LMB and move the mouse in a certain direction to smoothly harvest the fruit or plant without damaging it.

Moving the mouse other than the required direction will make the character’s hand vibrate which determines the wrong direction for harvesting the current Flora and if players continue pulling in the wrong direction, the Flora will be damaged and it will be of no use. Upon harvesting the kinds of Flora for the first time, the game will not highlight the controls for harvesting and players have to figure out the direction for harvesting the current Flora by themselves. It is better to see in which direction there is no vibration on hand to pursue the harvesting with no damage to the resource.

Gathering the Flora can also net you quality resources which required to be gathered in certain environmental conditions or at a specific time of the day. If players harvest the quality plant or fruit, they will provide bonus effects upon usage. It is most effective for crafting armor pieces and weapons to get extra bonuses on them. So, whenever you are out in the forest exploring, try to harvest the Flora in perfect conditions to utilize them to their full potential in replenishing Energy, crafting and cooking.

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