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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Review – An Immersive Ghostly Love Story



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Review

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed by DON’T NOD and published by Focus Entertainment. DON’T NOD is known for its immersive storytelling games like the Life is Strange series and other popular titles like Jusant and Vampyr. However, unlike any previous titles from the DON’T NOD studio, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden offers two protagonists that players can switch between and control freely.

In Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, DON’T NOD has created a compelling story that players can shape by making crucial choices throughout the playthrough. It is a very player-based game and requires immense attention to making the choices that will shape the outcome of the journey.


The story of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden takes place in the New England town of New Eden in the year 1695. Two Banishers named Antea Duarte and Red Mac Raith are called to New Eden town by their friend and mentor, Charles Davenport to lift a mysterious curse from the town. Little does Charles know that it is not an ordinary curse and when he tries to lift it on his own, he ends up losing his life before the Banishers reach the town.

Banishers begin their investigation on the death of Charles and what type of curse took his life. Upon speaking to the ghost of Charles, they learn that a Nightmare has spread her curse on the New Eden town and she possesses too much power. Later that night, Antea and Red make a plan to find out more about the Nightmare by going to the Meetinghouse in the town but it ends up bad for Antea as she gets killed by the Nightmare.

Red finds himself on the shore inside a cave taken care of by a witch’s apprentice and as he pursues to find his way back to New Eden, he stumbles upon the lingering ghost of Antea, his Love. Here, the game leaves the story in the hands of the players as they will get to swear an oath either Ascending the ghost of Antea peacefully or performing a forbidden dark magic to bring back Antea. In either of the scenarios, players will first have to go on a long journey to reach the New Eden town and defeat the Nightmare to get Antea’s body and then make the final choice.


Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is played in a classic third-person perspective with the ability to change between the main protagonists freely throughout the playthrough. The first two chapters of the game will allow players to play with Antea and Red separately but they will get the ability to change freely in the third chapter. Each protagonist holds certain powers and abilities that emphasize both the environmental exploration and combat system.

Speaking of the combat system, it is great and responsive. Fights can be fought by either of the protagonists but each protagonists have unique powers and abilities that allow you to tackle various enemies accordingly. Red wields physical weapons like a Sabre for close-range combat and a Rifle for long-range combat, he has the ability to land both light attacks and charged attacks. Furthermore, he can block and parry the incoming attacks from the enemies. Antea on the other hand has spiritual powers which allows her to leap toward the enemy to land punches and do a burst attack to push them away. Furthermore, her main attacks are only punch combos that can be enhanced by unlocking new skills for Red and Antea.

Despite the differences in the powers and abilities of the protagonists, players will have to use both of them in the combat as well as in the environmental exploration to pursue ahead. For instance, Red is more efficient in fighting enemies that are not possessed by any Specters or Wanderers and Antea is efficient in fighting off the enemies that are possessed by the Specters which will allow her to push the Specters out of the body of another enemy, and then players can switch to Red to defeat the non-possessed enemy. However, it is not always the case as the game gives you all the freedom to fight as you like but there is one thing that might annoy you in the initial stages of combat and that is the constant voice of Antea to let her join the fight.

The world exploration in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is quite impressive and greatly enhances the overall experience of the narrative. It allows both of the characters to bond together by utilizing their abilities to venture across the hurdles and discover new areas that reveal more activities. In terms of total activities in the world, there aren’t many but they are surely unique. One of the most unique activities in the game that is introduced early in the game is performing various types of Rituals. These rituals are both necessary for main quests as well as the side quests which are mainly the Haunting Cases.

The Haunting Cases act as the Side Quests in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and revolve around the cursed civilization living in New England. As you meet these characters while progressing in the main story, you will be able to track the Haunting Case for them and investigate the ghost to find out the natural cause behind the lingering ghost. From there, you will be able to come to a conclusion which will either be blaming the person or ascending/banishing the ghost. Keep in mind that these choices directly correspond to the main oath that you took early in the game. For instance, ascending/banishing the ghost will act as ascending for Andea at the end of the game, whereas blaming the person will let Red steal their soul and feed its essence to Antea resulting in bringing back Antea at the end of the story.

Another interesting activity that you will come to find while exploring is Stalagmites. These are the deadly corpses that produce mist in a certain area and removing these Stalagmites or performing a Manifest ritual will spawn a deadly spirit. These deadly spirits act as side bosses who drop valuable resources that can help you upgrade your equipment.

Speaking of upgrading the equipment, another crucial aspect of exploring the world lingers around the Campfires/Shelters. These are the safe points around the world and also act as a resting point which allows you to upgrade the equipment of the protagonists and unlock new skills from the various skill trees. Upgrading the equipment requires several resources which can be obtained by harvesting from the wilderness of the world or purchasing from the various merchants.

There are several merchants that you will encounter in your playthrough but mainly there are two types of merchants in the game. One is the normal human being who accepts Pieces of Eight (primary currency) to trade you resources, treasure maps, and equipment items, and the other one is a witch who accepts Witch Stone (secondary currency) to trade rare resources and equipment items.

Sound and Visuals

The sound design of the game is really good and what makes the whole journey more compelling and alive is the voice acting for all the characters. Every character is very much alive and the dialogue options in the conversation let you dive deep into the lore of the story and the characters. The visuals of the game are absolutely phenomenal and the world design of New England and all those rocky mountains and forests around New Eden Town feels alive and terrifying at the same time.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden provides an immersive and compelling story in a fantasy world filled with lingering ghosts and creatures that protagonists must overcome to fulfill the sacred oath. The world of New England is greatly crafted and the combat system emphasizes the unique abilities and powers of the protagonists. However, there aren’t many enemy types in the game, and fighting the same enemy types over and over can become repetitive sometimes.

If you like immersive story mode games with some investigation sequences then we would recommend you try out the Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden as you would not be disappointed with it.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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