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Battlefield 2042: All weapons confirmed so far



Battlefield 2042: All weapons confirmed so far

Sure, in Battlefield 2042 there are of course tanks, helicopters, and robot dogs. But let’s be honest: we spend most of our time with our feet on the ground and a gun in our hands, right?

The slightly futuristic setting allows DICE to incorporate all possible prototypes and state-of-the-art rifles, pistols, machine guns, and much more. Exciting: All weapons seem to be based on real models and are reproduced in an extremely detailed manner.

We squeezed out the developers on the subject of weapons shortly before the reveal, dissected the trailer down to the smallest detail, and analyzed screenshots in order to find out all known weapons. Here is our list:


In-game name: M5A3

Description: According to DICE, the M5A3 is a balanced assault rifle that can be used as an all-rounder. The real model of the weapon in caliber 6.8x51mm is currently competing with two other manufacturers in the so-called NGSW program (short for “Next Generation Squad Weapon”) of the US Army for the successor to the M4 system. As the designation M5 suggests, the rifle achieved this goal in the fictional world of BF2042.

KRISS Vector

In-game name: K30

Description: The developers call the K30 the king in close combat. No wonder, because the real model is notorious for its compactness, high rate of fire, and low recoil. One of the first prototypes of the weapon was called the K10, so the game version should represent further development. Players know the Vector from CoD Modern Warfare, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint or Escape from Tarkov, among others.


In-game name: DM7

Description: This M4 variant by Daniel Defense is actually an assault rifle, but in Battlefield 2042 the weapon seems to take on the role of a precision rifle and has been heavily modified for it. The DM7 should be very precise and versatile – so it may be possible to attach different barrels, ammunition types, and sights for different purposes. The Reveal trailer features a version with a silencer, among other things.

AK-12 (2020 version)

In-game name: AK 24

Description: A modern shooter can hardly do without a Kalashnikov and BF2042 has a new version of the classic in its arsenal: In the reveal trailer you can see several soldiers with the AK-12, a revised assault rifle variant of the Russian airborne troops with a caliber of 5.45x39mm. This new version has improved ergonomic details, an extendable plastic shaft and a magazine with an extended level indicator.

Glock 18

In-game name: G57

Description: A 9mm Glock can be seen in action in the trailer. The designation as G57 indicates that nine more models after the Glock 48 (from 2019) were built in the fictional future of Battlefield 2042. In the gameplay reveal, versions with a micro-reflex sight, silencer, and laser light module can be seen.

Sako TRG M10 Sniper

In-game name: TG-24

Description: In the gameplay trailer, the player carries a repeating sniper rifle in several scenes, which is apparently a Finnish Sako TRG M10 sniper weapon system and which is a further development of the TRG-21 and TRG-22 (hence the name TG-24 in the game). The real M10 lost in 2019 in the race for the new sniper weapon of the US special forces against the Remington MSR and the Barrett MRAD. Today it is used by Australian and Finnish special forces, among others.


In-game name: PBX-9

Description: An SMG-45 appears in several places in the reveal trailer, which is often confused with the famous H&K UMP. Different configurations can be seen, for example with a silencer, different visors, and front handles. The weapon is one of the most modern submachine guns on the market and appears in Warface and CoD Warzone (under the name Striker 45), among others.

Carl Gustaf M4

In-game name: unknown

Description: A special scene in the reveal trailer refers to the infamous rendezook move: a pilot gets out of his jet in flight, uses a bazooka to pull the enemy plane from the sky, and then gets back in free fall. The weapon used here is an FFV Carl Gustaf, as we know it from Battlefield Bad Company 2, for example.


In-game name: LCMG

Description: Towards the end of the reveal trailer, the tornado scene shows a soldier with the light assault machine gun (LAMG) from Knight’s Armament Corporation (KAC), which is based on the historic Stoner MG and was only in production a few years ago went. You can probably see the large-caliber version in 7.62x51mm with red dot target optics. In CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone, the weapon is known as the Finn LMG. In Battlefield 2042 the weapon is called LCMG.

Remington 870 shotgun

In-game name: unknown

Description: In the trailer scene in the container port of the Map Manifesto, a soldier leads the Remington 870 MCS with some modifications. Apparently, the stock was modified and extended with a retractable M4 shoulder rest. The shotgun is known from many other games, such as Rainbow Six: Siege or Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

DSR-1 sniper

In-game name: unknown

Description: The German-made Bullpup sniper rifle DSR-1 from DSR Precision can be seen in the reveal trailer. The real model of the repeating rifle is used by various special forces in the police, such as in Luxembourg, Spain, and the GSG-9 in Germany. It can be configured for different calibers from .300 Winchester to 12.7mm NATO.


In-game name: unknown

Description: The notorious FN SCAR assault rifle appears in the trailer for a brief moment in the heavy H version (SCAR Mk17 in 7.62mm NATO). The SCAR system is used by police and military special units in France, Germany, Norway, Poland, the USA, and Turkey, among others. Players know it from Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Arma, and many other titles. The FN EGLM 40mm underflow grenade launcher will be available as an attachment in Battlefield 2042.

PKP Pecheneg MG

In-game name: unknown

Description: The weapon is only visible for a brief moment, but a soldier on the kaleidoscope map in the trailer is apparently carrying the PKP machine gun from Russia in the modernized bullpup version, with the handle and trigger in front of the ammunition feed. The MG is a relatively new design and is based on the Soviet Union’s PKM system. The weapon last appeared in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Weapons remaster for Battlefield Portal

In addition to the new weapons for the multiplayer of Battlefield 2042, there will be a whole range of reissued weapons from Battlefield 3, Battlefield 1942, and Bad Company 2 that will make their way into the Battlefield Portal. We list here which parts from the arsenal of the old BF offshoots have been confirmed:

Battlefield 1942

  • M1911
  • K98 & Sniper version
  • Thompson SMG
  • M1 Garand
  • Lee-Enfield No.4
  • bazooka
  • Panzerschreck
  • BAR 1918
  • MP-40
  • StG 44
  • Walther P38

Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • M93R
  • G3
  • AKS-74U
  • M416
  • M240B
  • Type 88 MG
  • PP-2000
  • MP412 Rex revolver
  • MP443 Grach
  • XM8
  • GOL sniper
  • M24 sniper

Battlefield 3

  • P90
  • DAO-12 shotgun
  • SPAS 12
  • ACW-R
  • AS VAL
  • Barret M98
  • G3A3
  • AN-94
  • SCAR-H
  • SVD Draugnov
  • M60 E4
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