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“Children can no longer depend on Nintendo, there is a lot of violence in games,” says AMLO, President of Mexico



"Children can no longer depend on Nintendo, there is a lot of violence in games," says AMLO, President of Mexico

We bring a piece of interesting news related to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico. Apparently, his recent statements have not gone unnoticed among the gaming community.

These were shared as a result of the return of minors to classrooms and the need to teach in schools. To justify this idea, he stated that this was “for the good of all, because children and adolescents cannot be locked up at home” and “completely depending on Nintendo, as there is a lot of violence in these games.”

This was his message after declaring educational classrooms an essential activity:

It will be declared an essential activity because it is basic, fundamental, we can no longer have children locked up or completely depending on Nintendo, that is very toxic, I am very respectful of everything, but it is very alienating to be receiving all the bombardment of information, there is a lot of violence in games.

Human beings cannot be self-absorbed, since it is necessary that we live with other people, which is achieved in school, that is why we learn, not only with what is taught as teaching, but what is collected in information from experience of other classmates and classmates, that is why face-to-face school cannot be substituted.

He also shared that support is necessary so that “schools return to having good conditions because they have been closed for a long time” and adds the following:

We are allocating resources for that purpose, in the School is Our program. It is a task that we must fulfill these days to return at the end of the month, we can no longer continue with closed schools, it is a long time and affects children, adolescents and everyone … It is optional (the return) but we will persuade that it is an activity essential, we have to start the school year.

As you can imagine, the mention of Nintendo has not gone unnoticed among fans, who have commented on networks how AMLO, the name by which the president is popularly known, does not seem to be very supportive of video games.

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