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Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – All Endings



Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – All Endings

Bendy: Secrets of the Machine is the new installment in the Bendy series. It is a small horror game that involves one main ending but a couple of short endings that players can get in their playthrough. Not only that but there are several Easter Eggs, Secrets, and Jump Scares that players can find as well in this short game.

This guide will help you get all the available endings in Bendy: Secrets of the Machine.

All Endings in Bendy: Secrets of the Machine

There are three endings in Bendy: Secrets of the Machine which involves one main ending and two short endings. The main ending is the GENT Ending for which players have to access Riley’s Room to learn her story and figure out how she becomes the soul of the machine for the GENT Corporation.

NOTE: Read our full guide on the Complete Walkthrough of the game to learn more about GENT Ending.

The other two short endings involve Angry Taxi Ending and Scary Bendy Ending which both reset the game. However, getting both of these endings will first require you to get the main ending.

How to Get Angry Taxi Ending

After getting the GENT Ending, the game will be reset and you will get to enter the house again. However, instead of going to the alley on the right to reach the main hall, go straight ahead and turn left to see the Angry Taxi. Simply stay still and let the Taxi run over you to get the ending.

How to Get Scary Bendy Ending

To get the Scary Bendy Ending, you need to get Bacon Soup Cans from the vending machine and start breaking Bendy Boards all over the hall and the rooms. There is one in the screen room, two in the Old Time Theatre, and three in the hall. Break all of them using the cans and Bendy will appear and strike you which will reset the game.

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