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Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – Complete Game Walkthrough



Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – Complete Game Walkthrough

Joey Drew Studios recently released a new Bendy horror game for free on Steam. It is an installment in the Bendy series and it is set after the events of Bendy and the Dark Revival. However, unlike the previous game, it is a short horror game that offers one main ending and multiple short endings after getting the main ending along with several Easter Eggs and Jump Scares.

This complete guide for Bendy: Secrets of the Machine will thoroughly cover the main walkthrough of the game for the main ending.

Bendy: Secrets of the Machine – Walkthrough

Players will take the role of a worker named Riley, an employee at Gent Corporation. As players begin the journey, they will enter a house from where they need to find a way to get into Gent Room to learn Riley’s story, for which they have to solve several puzzles.

For better understanding, we have divided the walkthrough into several parts so you can follow easily.

Enter Riley’s Room

Upon beginning the game, walk into the house and make your way through an alley on the right side. Continue ahead through a doorway with ink swirling in it to reach the main hall. Here, you will be able to interact with a Bacon Soup machine to get yourself a can of Bacon Soup.

NOTE: The Bacon Soup can is used for several easter eggs and short endings which we have mentioned and linked at the bottom of this guide.

Interact with the machine by pressing the E button to get a can. Now, look to the door on the right and throw the Bacon Soup by pressing the LMB on the lights. There will be two lights so, you will have to throw two cans in total to break both of them.

Upon breaking both of them, it will make an alarming sound. Now, go towards the door and it will open, allowing you to go inside Riley’s Room.

Riley’s Story

As you enter Riley’s Room, you will see her picture with her family on the wall. Look to the wall on the right side to view the age of Riley. Now, go back towards the door and it will turn on the light above the picture. Interact with the picture to pick up the drawing pencil. Look to the age scale on the wall again and interact with it to mark Riley’s age (6).

After that, you need to start interacting with all the pages on the floor in the room to draw pictures. Once done, another alarming sound will blow, and the sound of a revving engine will mark red paint on Riley’s parents’ faces, meaning that they died in a car accident when she was six years old.

The door will open and you will be in your middle school hallway. Go to the end to listen to School Psychologist speaking about Riley’s behavior in the school. Look back and you will see a Phonograph playing a song. Go near it and interact with it and then interact with Riley’s Room and the door will open after a moment.

Go inside Riley’s Room and mark Riley’s age on the scale to reveal that she is now seventeen. Pick up a piece of paper from the sofa and place it on the board. Interact with it to draw a picture of Riley’s parents’ accident.

Riley at Joey Drew Studios

After making a picture of the accident, go toward the door and you will hear a knocking sound cue. You will receive a letter from beneath the door. Interact with the letter to learn that Riley has been accepted at Joey Drew Studios. Pick up your picture from the board and go outside the door.

Interact with each page on the boards to draw the same accident picture of your parents. It will turn on the light in the Director’s Office and you will receive a Termination Letter. Read the letter and look back to see the Gent Room.

Go inside Gent Room and interact with an ink bucket with Gent written on it to get the Main (GENT) Ending.

All Endings in Bendy: Secrets of the Machine

Apart from the main ending of the game, there are two short endings to this game which you can only get after getting the main ending.

  1. Angry Taxi Ending
  2. Scary Bendy Ending

All Easter Eggs and Jump Scares in Bendy: Secrets of the Machine

Bendy: Secrets of the Machine has several Easter Eggs and Jump Scares that players can get by exploring and interacting with certain interactable items in the house.

You can get more information on all the endings, Easter Eggs, and Jump Scares by opening the respective links in the guide.

This concludes our complete game walkthrough guide on Bendy: Secrets of the Machine.

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