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Botany Manor: How to Grow Pixie Tears



Botany Manor: How to Grow Pixie Tears

Pixie Tears is one of the rare flowers in Botany Manor that players will get to grow in Chapter Three. Players will explore the Orchard and the areas that are connected to it to find the seeds and clues of the required flowers to grow them. As there are multiple areas connected to the Orchard itself, it is possible to miss out on some clues about the Pixie Tears flower.

This guide will provide you with information on all the clues needed for Pixie Tears and where to find them along with how to grow the flower in Botany Manor.

How to Grow Pixie Tears in Botany Manor

Growing Pixie Tears will require you to get its seeds and five essential clues to figure out the procedure of growing it. The five clues that you need to get for Pixie Tears are the following.

Pixie Tears Clues:

  • Apple Blending
  • Cider Apples
  • Chloroplasts
  • Microscope Slides
  • Pot Notes

Gathering All Clues for Pixie Tears

All five clues for Pixie Tears are obtained from the Orchard and the Cider Garden areas. You can follow the following steps to gather all the clues.

  • As you enter the Orchard, continue along the left side to reach a door to the Cider Garden. Go to the end to find the Apple Blending note and Cider Apples poster.
  • Now, go back out in the orchard and head into the shed ahead to inspect all the Microscope Slides, an Iodine Bottle, and the Chloroplasts book. 
  • Now, walk across to the other side to see a cupboard of tools and pots. Pick up the Pixie Tears seeds and inspect the Pot Notes.

Growing Procedure of the Pixie Tears Flower

Upon gathering all the essential clues of Pixie Tears, follow the steps mentioned below to grow Pixie Tears.

  • Make your way toward the Cider Kitchen and interact with the planting desk outside the door of the Cider Kitchen.
  • Plant the Pixie Tears Seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Pick up the pot, take it to the Cider Kitchen, and place it on the Saucer beneath the juicer machine.
  • Now, place the Knobby Russet, Cat’s Head, and Merlin’s Mist apples in the juicer machine.
  • Interact with the crank to extract juice from the apples to add it to the pot and the Pixie Tears will grow.

The reason why we need Knobby Russet, Cat’s Head, and Merlin’s Mist cider apples is because of the amount of sugar. If you look at the Pot Notes, it will say that the pot requires 97g of sugar so, to get the sugar, you need to extract the juice of cider apples.

  • Knobby Russet (40g)
  • Cat’s Head (30g)
  • Merlin’s Mist (27g)

As there are several cider apples, each one of them holds a certain amount of sugar, and if we combine the three mentioned apples, we will get the needed amount of sugar for the pot to grow the flower.

After growing Pixie Tears, you can proceed ahead and begin gathering clues for the Wolfglove flower or start growing it if you already have its clues, or if you already have grown Wolfglove, you can proceed toward the end of chapter three.  

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