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Botany Manor: Chapter 3 – Peculiar Petals Walkthrough



Botany Manor: Chapter 3 – Peculiar Petals Walkthrough

Progressing in the main adventure of Botany Manor by growing the rare flowers will let you reach the Orchard upon completing the second chapter and initiate the third chapter called Peculiar Petals. Similar to the previous chapter, completing this chapter will require players to grow two rare flowers by finding the clues, solving puzzles, and using certain protocols respective to the flowers.

This guide will help you walk through Chapter Three Peculiar Petals in Botany Manor.

Chapter 3: Peculiar Petals – Walkthrough

Clearing the third chapter will require players to grow two rare flowers named Pixie Tears and Wolfglove. Each flower has its own number of clues scattered around the orchard that players must find and then use the respective protocols to grow them.

Gathering All the Clues for the Flowers

The clues for both of the flowers can be obtained by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Enter the Orchard and continue ahead on the path to find a small table beside an apple tree. Inspect Note to Florence and Nursery Rhyme book on the table.
  • Continue ahead along the left side to reach a door to the Cider Kitchen. Go to the end to find the Apple Blending note and Cider Apples poster.
  • Now, go back out in the orchard and head into the shed ahead to inspect all the Microscope Slides, an Iodine Bottle, and the Chloroplasts book.  
  • Continue ahead in the shed to find the Priest Holes book and a Letter from Historian.
  • Now, walk across to the other side to see a cupboard of tools and pots. Pick up the Pixie Tears seeds and inspect the Pot Notes.
  • Continue ahead along the path to find a Letter from Builder.
  • Keep going ahead and you will see a tower on the left side. Head inside to find the Broken Anemometer.
  • Now, walk up to the terrace of the Orangery and inspect the Tower Wind Research book and the Alpine Exploration guide note.
  • Head inside the orangery to pick up the Painting Room Key and inspect the Note about Stairs, Envelope With Stamp, and Letter from Natty.
  • Open the door to the Back Terrace and head inside the manor to open the Painting Room on the left side.
  • Head inside and inspect the Manor Floorplan, Symbology book, and Letter from Scale.

Finding the Priest Hole – Puzzle

Before you can continue to find the rest of the clues and the seeds of the other required flower, you will have to find the Priest Hole. The Priest Hole is accessible through the Kitchen’s Pantry and hidden behind the shelf. Go to the Kitchen and head into the Pantry on the left side and you will see a shelf with a strange symbol.

The symbol represents the Catholic symbol as mentioned in the Symbology book clue. If you read the poem in the kitchen it states the year the house was built, and if you have noticed on the Manor Floorplan clue in the painting room, it shows that the house was built in 1593.

After figuring out the clues, go back to Kitchen’s Pantry and start adding weights on the scale in the following order: 1 > 5 > 9 > 3. Doing it right will move the shelf and unlock a path leading to Priest Hole.

Continue Gathering Clues for Flowers

  • Make your way to the Priest Hole to inspect the Letter from Priest.
  • Now, make your way up the second staircase in the priest hole to reach the ground floor of the orangery and pick up the Wolfglove seeds from the small fountain.
  • Inspect all the Souvenir Coins, a Field Trip Journal, and an Old Advert.
  • Lastly, you can interact with the wooden planks to lay them on the stairs to quickly go back up on the terrace of the Orangery.

Adding Clues to the Flowers

Upon gathering all the clues for the flowers, open the Forgotten Flora book and add the correct clues to the respective flowers.

Pixie Tears Clues:

  • Apple Blending
  • Cider Apples
  • Chloroplasts
  • Microscope Slides
  • Pot Notes

Wolfglove Clues:

  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Letter from Builder
  • Wind Research
  • Alpine Weather
  • Envelope with Stamp
  • Letter about Alps
  • Coin Collection

Growing Flowers

After declaring the correct clues for both of the flowers, it’s time to grow them. We have listed the steps for each flower separately.

Pixie Tears:

  • Make your way toward the Cider Kitchen and interact with the planting desk outside the door of the Cider Kitchen.
  • Plant the Pixie Tears Seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Pick up the pot, take it to the Cider Kitchen, and place it on the Saucer beneath the juicer machine.
  • Now, place the Knobby Russet, Cat’s Head, and Merlin’s Mist apples in the juicer machine. Interact with the crank to extract juice from the apples to add it to the pot and the Pixie Tears will grow.


  • Go to the planting desk and plant the Wolfglove seed into the pot by adding soil to the pot, planting the seed from the seed inventory, and then watering it.
  • Take the pot to the old tower and place it on the saucer beside the broken anemometer.
  • Now, you need to use the handle on the side to go up in the tower floor by floor and open the windows on certain floors. The floor windows that you need to open are 1, 3, and 4.
  • Doing it right will grow the Wolfglove flower in the pot.

Accessing the Library Hall

After growing both of the flowers, you will get a notification of delivery at the Gatehouse. Go out of the Manor and follow the main path to the Gatehouse. Here, you will find the Letter from Sister. The letter will give you a hint to the lock on the Library Hall in the Manor.

Make your way to the Manor and as you enter the main hall, look to the left side to find the Family Tree painting. Here, look at the Initials of Elizabeth and add her married name, Hopgood to get the three-letter code as EAH (Elizabeth Ann Hopgood).

Now,  go up to the Library Hall and enter the code to get access to the Library Hall which will conclude the chapter and initiate the fourth chapter, Botanical Allies.

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